Best Horse Breeds for Singapore Horse Racing

Despite popular belief, racehorses like thoroughbreds are capable of much more than merely sprinting. Some aspects of what constitutes a good racehorse change depending on the discipline in which the horse is competing.

What breeds of horses make the best racehorse?

There’s no denying that the thoroughbred is the most well-known racing breed not just in Singapore but pretty much anywhere in the world, but it’s far from the only one. We’ve seen a good variety of different horse breeds in Singapore horse racing results over the years.

From tether racing to steeplechasing to endurance racing, there is a breed that is well suited to it, and the name “racing” itself can be fairly all-encompassing. Here are some of the best horse racing breeds.


The horseracing industry is dominated by thoroughbreds, making them one of the most well-known types. They are well-known for their quickness, but also for their intelligence and friendliness. The lineage of modern thoroughbred horses may be traced back to three historical stallions in the United Kingdom.

Typical Thoroughbred horses have a height between 61 and 67 inches, a large head, and a strong and bulky build. It seems to reason that the vast majority of racehorses will be of the thoroughbred variety.

Standardbred Horses

The United States is the birthplace of the Standardbred horse, also called a Trotter Pacer. These sturdy horses are commonly seen in fast trotting and harness racing because of their muscular and robust build. Horse shows and pleasure riding are popular uses for them in the Midwest, East Coast, and southern Ontario.

Standardbred horses, which are between 56 and 68 inches in height, are well-suited to training and equestrian activities because of their good manners and even demeanor. Most horses you’ll find dominating the Singapore horse racing results in recent years are thoroughbred.

American Quarter Horse

To this day, the Quarter horse remains one of the most widely owned horse breeds in the United States. They are one of the quickest breeds of racing horses, with a top speed of 88 miles per hour. Two hundred years ago, in the Americas of the colonial era, it all began.

Though typically short and stocky, this breed packs quite a punch in the rear. That they were often raced over a distance of a quarter of a mile is where their name came from. Other than racing, they are used extensively in outdoor riding, horse polo, and show jumping,

Arabian Horses

Due to commerce and conquest, Arabian horses have expanded far beyond their original home in the Arabian Peninsula. These dogs are well-liked due to their trainability, kind demeanor, intelligence, stamina, and beauty. Races, equestrian events, parades, and other public displays frequently feature them.

How do horses prepare for a race?

In order to be competitive, horses require numerous items. The racehorse, for example, must be given a wash a few days before the race, fed a healthy diet, and given frequent exercise in order to perform at its best. Hoof care is an integral part of horse grooming to ensure that the racehorse is constantly in top form both physically and aesthetically.

Since the condition of a horse’s eyes has been shown to have a significant impact on its overall performance in races, regular checks, and cleanings are essential. When a horse’s mane and tail are properly clipped, it is able to run more efficiently and win more races.

Professional racehorse handicappers take great pains to double-check their horse selections to ensure that their picks would end up appearing in the Singapore horse racing results.

How do you pick a horse bet?

There are countless resources available online for horse handicapping, and everyone has a different take on what information is most useful.

While luck plays the biggest role in determining whether you win or lose, handicapping adds excitement to the races by giving you a sense of agency and giving you something to think about in the downtime.

The program will list the chances of each horse winning the race next to its name. The odds on a horse make it the favorite. Despite the fact that there is no assurance that the favorite will win the race, betting on the favorite tends to be a profitable strategy in the long run.

Bet on horse racing today!

The subject of horse breeds alone is delightfully interesting to merit its own article. Discover the top breeds along with their jockey at sportsbooks and start betting! The best Singapore horse race betting site at the moment, Solarbet, offers different horse racing events. Register today and start winning!

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