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A decade may have passed and new esports titles may arise but players would always go back to one of the most classic games of all — Dota 2. With its perfect blend of strategy, skill, and teamwork, this game has captured the hearts of many players and now a growing number of bettors as well. 


Perhaps you’re one of them and looking for a way to level up your gameplay. If so, with this classic esports game it’s not far from reality. However, before all of that, make sure that you know the ins and outs of the game. But if not, that wouldn’t be a problem either because here at Solarbet we got you covered. 


Your experience with us is not only limited to casino games but way more than that! So enough with further introduction and let’s explore the surreal world of Dota 2 — and see the thrill that awaits you. 

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What Makes Dota 2 Stand Out?

Dota 2 is Valve Corporation's multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) developed in 2013. The game is built around an exciting 5v5 competition with other unique heroes wielding special superhuman powers and abilities.


It might seem like just another esports betting in Singapore at first glance but when you try to delve more into it, you will see that it is not the case at all. Yes, the tactical play aspects of the game are great, but the thing that really made it memorable is its huge roster of heroes and incredible spartan community.


This large diversity not only creates a unique match but also allows for infinite strategic situations and counterplay. Further, the game is designed to have a high skill ceiling, appealing to players who like practicing at a game to get better over time. 


On top of this, the fact that it has lore for days, constantly evolving and fresh updates, a multi-million dollar competitive esports scene, and a bevy of other factors is what ultimately makes DOTA 2 the game that it currently is, and sets it apart from many other games.

Get Started with Dota 2 Betting

Dota’s 2 main goals in destroying the enemy’s “Ancient”, located within their base make every bit of the game much more exciting. And being a bettor is no different. You can also feel the excitement as the game unfolds right in front of you!


But before you can enjoy this, there is one important thing that you must prioritize first — searching for a reliable betting site. Yes, Dota 2 Esports is great and all but there is no chance for you to enjoy the beauty of the game if you are not playing on a trustworthy platform, and that’s where we can help you!


As one of the most trusted online casinos we also got your back when it comes to excellent live esports betting in Singapore. If you think that you already have the best esports betting experience, then you might want to rethink again! 


At Solarbet Online Casino, you can play in a high level of security ensuring players like you have safe gameplay. Much better is that your option is not only limited to Dota 2 alone, you can also extend your options to other esports titles from Mobile Legends, and Valorant to Overwatch and many more! 

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Make the Most of Your Gameplay: What to Consider Before You Play

Before diving into the realm of Dota 2, let us step back for a bit and look at the things you must consider before actually playing. Remember that the game itself isn’t like a walk in the park — that after knowing the goal of each match and watching for the first time you can play it seamlessly already because that would be a big mistake that you could probably make. 

Dota 2 Betting: Picking Your Plays

Live Casino Singapore includes a variety of betting options but so does e-sports betting, specifically in this game. 


  • Match Winner: Betting on which team will win. This is the simplest kind of bet and is generally proficient by beginners.
  • Map Winner: It allows players to bet on the team that wins a particular map of the series. 
  • Outright Winner: Unlike match winner, in this type of bet you are wagering on the winner of an entire tournament (series) rather than a single match. 
  • First Blood: This is as simple as it sounds, you are on either the red or blue side but you will place a bet on which team will get the first kill. 
  • Handicap Betting: As the name suggests, this means betting on matches with a handicap applied. It evens the odds between the crowd's favorite and the underdog. 
  • Over/Under (Totals):  Wager on different in-game stats such as the total kills, and Roshan kills of all towers taken down. You can bet on the over or under of the actual number when betting on Singapore’s esports betting. 
  • Special Events: Some bookmakers offer a special bet for a specific event in the game such as which team will knock down the first tower, or who will kill the first Roshan of the match (may differ depending on the betting sites) or the winner of the first barracks.

Dota 2 Tournaments: Where to Place Your Bet

Now that you know the betting options when playing live esports betting Singapore, let us give you various tournaments that you can get a bet on to make your playing experience more interactive and at the same time profitable.


  • The International: The most anticipated tournament of Dota 2, and also the largest event of the year is held by the Valve Corporation. This tournament has a huge prize pool and teams around the world play so that they may become the International Dota 2 Champion.
  • Dota Pro Circuit: Valve launched the Dota Pro Circuit to help simplify the competitive scene. These tournaments and leagues have been taking place all year long and are points-based. It is split into two seasons, each comprising major and minor events, and runs for many months to ensure that there is competitive action going on throughout the year.
  • Regional League:  Every DPC Season is now split off into regional leagues in various regions of the world, North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. These leagues help in the growth and development of local talents and give them a chance to play on the world stage.
  • Third-Party Tournaments: Unlike other tournaments, this is not sponsored by Valve. It includes games such as ESL One, DreamLeague, and the Beyond the Summit series. It gives a chance for emerging teams to prove themselves against established teams Esports Dota 2.

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Top Strategies for Dota 2 Esports Betting

If you’re looking for a way to improve your Singapore’s live esports betting experience, then having a top strategy would definitely be helpful. To begin, here are the top strategies that you can refer to. 

Research about the teams and players

Needless to say, knowing the teams and players that you will bet on is important for better gameplay. Check with their past performances, win rates, favorite heroes, and head-to-head records against their opponents. 


Know well the Strong Points and Weaknesses of the Players and Players: If you know the strengths and weaknesses of the players, you can make more sound decisions on placing bets.

Make sure you know the tournament format

You can’t just randomly choose a tournament to bet on, you must be aware of its formats as they vary with each other. Some teams play well in a particular format which is why you should be aware of such information, this can benefit you to bring change in your betting strategy. 

Manage your bankroll

Playing on one of the leading platforms in Singapore, specifically Solarbet Online Casino is indeed fun and all, but you should never forget to manage your bankroll. Establish a limit on the amount you are going to bet and continue; Do not bet all your bookmarks for one match, and spread your bets to diversify the risk. This level-headed method can in the long run ensure that you stay in profit consistently.

Look at the data and stat

Some numerous analysts and websites are dedicated to Dota 2 esports and provide elaborate forecasts and analyses. Although those opinions should not be used to replace your research, they can give you more holistic approaches that will be beneficial to your decision-making.

Solarbet: Your Gateway for the Best Dota 2 Experience

With all of the features that we have from being a licensed betting site to offering an excellent Dota 2 experience, if this wouldn’t give you an unforgettable betting experience, then what is? Playing with us will help give you nothing but a thrilling secure platform to place your wagers. 


The chance is now, so don’t miss it. Play here at Solarbet and have the finest esports betting Singapore of all!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you bet on Dota 2?

Absolutely! Betting in this classic esports game is very possible. Now, you have the chance not only to watch but also to potentially win in Dota 2

How to bet on Dota 2?

If you are planning to bet on Dota 2, the most important thing that you must do first is to choose a reliable betting platform. By doing so, you can be assured of your safety while playing. 

What is the most well-known Dota 2 tournament?

Among all of the Dota 2 tournaments, The International is one of the most well-known, not to mention has the largest prize pool of all. 

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