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Roulette is one of the most immense gambling games since its first creation in 18th century France. It has become a staple game in every single casino from around the world that found global success.

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Over the years, it continues to dominate brick and mortar casinos effortlessly. It is a game that most people would pick as their game of choice whenever they are in a casino. It’s addictive, fun, and most importantly, it offers one of the highest payouts among any other table games.

It is not surprising that online roulette games are following suit. Of course, playing in an online casino is convenient in and of itself. To play this game on the go at your most convenient is both a miracle and a great opportunity to make a profit on the fly.

Solarbet Casino offers a unique online casino Singapore experience and roulette online is a game you’d never regret trying. Start winning big by signing up today!

The Basics of Roulette at Solarbet

Seeing Roulette, or more specifically the game table, for the first time can be quite daunting. However, the game is completely simple and easy. Solarbet Casino offers a variety of Roulette variations and all of it can be enjoyed by gamblers of different skill levels.

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Similar to the real thing, roulette online has two main components: the wheel and the table. The most common roulette wheel has a number of 0 through 36. American roulettes have the double-zero or ‘00’ pocket.

You place your chips or wagers on the table. Your options include red, black, odd, even, first to third, the numbers 1 to 18, and 19 to 36. You can place as many kinds of bets or combinations as you want.

The wheel spins with a ball onto it. When the ball lands on the numbers or combinations you have made, you win. Whatever variation of online roulette is in question here, this is how the game is played in general.

There are two major types of bets in a game of roulette: inside bets and outside bets. Below are the different kinds of bets under inside bets and outside bets.

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Inside Bets

  •         Straight or Single
  •         Split
  •         Street
  •         Corner or Square
  •         Six Line or Double Street
  •         Trio
  •         First Four
  •         Basket

Outside Bets

  •         1 to 18 or 19 to 36 (High or Low)
  •         Red or Black
  •         Odd or Even
  •         Dozen Bet
  •         Column Bet
  •         Snake Bet

Reliable Payments and Withdrawals

Your whole online casino Singapore experience isn’t complete without Solarbet Casino by your side. You can enjoy countless hours of a thrilling good time with all your favorite live casino games, sports betting, slots, fishing, and more.

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Playing roulette online is simply one of the best things for everyone to try as it is both fun and profitable. Of course, the full-on experience is all thanks to the smooth, safe, and fast transactions that Solarbet delivers.

You are guaranteed to have a reliable and satisfying service that every great casino online website should have. Making deposits should just be as simple and convenient as making your withdrawals.

There are multiple banking options that would make your Singapore online casino action memorable and the best there is!

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