Gambling Legally (at Home, in Public, or Online) in Singapore

Singapore is one of the nations in Asia that has strict gambling laws, albeit several gambling activities are prevalent in the country. As of now, the only gambling activities that are deemed legal in the country are lottery and horserace betting. 

Anything beyond the aforementioned gambling activities is considered illegal in the country. In this article, we will examine the legality of gambling activities in Vietnam.

Gambling at home

According to the Casino Control Act, gambling at home is not prohibited as long as the activities are for pure entertainment and do not involve any monetary rewards. Any homeowner who utilizes his home as a place for public gambling will be subjected to the appropriate punishment.

Any violators of the Casino Control Act will be subjected to a fine of $500,000 which is the maximum fine. If proven guilty in court, the violators will also be forced to be imprisoned for seven years. 

If the violator is only assisted by the organization or assistance of an unlawful online betting Singapore place, regardless if the offender takes a stipend from the revenues or not, the offender will be liable for a fine of $700,000. To the extreme, the violator could be subjected to an imprisonment period of ten years. 

Playing betting games on public

While the Casino Control Act punishes individuals or a group who owns or organizes gambling activities in their homes, the Public Gambling Control Act protects the rights of Singaporean individuals from illegal gambling. 

As we mentioned above, there are only two gambling activities that are deemed legal in the country and that is lottery and horserace betting. Singapore Turf Club organizes horse racing events and the Singapore Pools are offering lottery services. 

If you place your bet at Singapore Pools to play the 4D, Toto, or Singapore Sweep lottery, you will be exempted from the punishment imposed by the Public Gambling Control Act.

Meanwhile, there are also two land-based casinos in the country, Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa. However, integrated casinos are only catering to foreign bettors and never to locals. The reason is that the government uses the establishments to boost tourism in the country.

If you happen to place a bet on a private bookmaker, the punishment will be a fine of $10,000 or imprisonment of six months. 

Rules about online gambling

The prohibition of online betting Singapore is no different from land-based gambling. However, the gambling laws do not indicate the full extent of the violation regarding online gambling in the country. 

A lot of violators get away from participating in offshore online casino sites because of the use of a virtual private network. Using the VPN, punters could conceal their gambling activity and engage in gambling services from countries where certain gambling activities are not limited. 

In 2014, Singapore passed a law called the Remote Gambling Act. The statute covers all of the regulations related to online gambling such as implementing certain measures to block or ban any offshore websites that are offering illegal online gambling services.

The offenders will be subjected to a fine of $500,000 or imprisonment that could last for up to seven years. In comparison to the online gambling laws from other states, these precepts in Singapore are still vague.


Despite the strict gambling laws that are prevalent in Singapore, a lot of violators are still getting way unpunished. This will solidify the survey that gambling activities are hugely popular in the country, making Singapore the new gambling hub in Asia.

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