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Cricket Betting Singapore

Cricket Betting

Among the world’s oldest sports, cricket was developed in 18th century England. Fans of the game in Singapore who are interested in learning more about sports betting may get all the information they need at Solarbet.


There has been a dramatic increase in the number of countries participating and the number of youngsters choosing to participate in the sport. More people in Singapore than in any other Asian country are avid sports fans.


Organizers in Singapore have taken notice of the possibility of local events because of the game's rising popularity among both players and spectators.

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The Cricket Betting landscape in Singapore

It wasn't until 2014 that Singapore finally enacted gaming laws. A priori, there were no guidelines. Online sports betting, lotto wagering (TOTO), and casino games were all in the clear at one point.


The growing worry over illegal gaming led to the passage of the Remote Gambling Act. An exemption granted in 2016 ensured the Singapore Pools continue operating legally.


There are a plethora of respectable offshore bookies that accept Singaporean customers today. Therefore, legitimate gamblers can place wagers with offshore bookmakers on sporting events. Betting on cricket from Singapore is permitted as long as you use either the state's bookie or an offshore bookie.

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Solarbet Top Cricket Betting Providers

Cricket betting at Solarbet

From a game played largely by the upper classes for very high stakes between the gentry, cricket has become a global phenomenon that is enjoyed by millions. Bets can be placed on a wide variety of sporting events from the United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia at most bookmakers.


If you're looking for a cricket betting site, look no further than Solarbet. With the industry's most comprehensive cricket betting service, it's your best chance for catching all the thrilling cricket action. When it comes to online cricket betting platforms, Solarbet is without peer the best online casino singapore 2024.


When it comes to cricket betting in Singapore, Solarbet is without a peer. They have the finest incentives AND the best odds. Whether you prefer betting on in-play or pre-match activities, the cricket betting chance is waiting for you. In a minute, we'll go through the specifics of the various cricket competitions you can enter.

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Cricket tournaments that you can bet on

Bettors can choose from a number of different cricket competitions. Because of the sport's adaptability, participants can choose from a wide range of options. Cricket, like many other sports, has a broad variety of events for fans to choose from.


ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup

Solarbet Cricket World cup

The ICC Men's Cricket World Cup is universally recognized as the sport's most prestigious tournament. The first One-Day International competition was played in 1975, and since then, it has been played every four years.


Despite the rise of various forms of cricket in the early 21st century, the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup has maintained its status as the premier cricket tournament. Ten teams will compete in the tournament's round-robin and elimination stages.

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ICC Champions Trophy

Solarbet Cricket World cup

The ICC Champions Trophy first began in 1998 as the ICC Knockout Tournament but has since undergone significant revisions. The tournament is contested once every four years and features one-day international matches.


As of 2017, the ICC no longer held the tournament since it preferred to award only one big prize across all three cricket formats. In 2021, however, this decision was reversed, and the event will be held again in 2025.


T20 World Cup

Solarbet T20 World cup

Despite only being around since 2007, the Twenty20 World Cup has already cemented its place as a major cricketing event. The Twenty20 format has skyrocketed in popularity, and this tournament features some of the world's finest cricket players. The Twenty20 World Cup is held every four years, just like the ICC World Cup.


Ashes Series

Solarbet Cricket Series

The Ashes is cricket's longest-running series. England and Australia play each other in a best-of-five test series every two years. Each team will host for five days during the tournament which lasts for about a month.


The tournament attracts a large number of fans from both countries and is routinely ranked as one of the world's top test series. Both the England and Australia cricket teams are among the finest in the world. As a result, bookies and bettors tend to put a high value on this series.

Champions League Twenty20

Solarbet Champions League T20

From 2008 through 2014, the Champions League Twenty20 was a yearly Twenty20 tournament. Between September and October, a tournament with a round-robin and knockout format would be held with twelve teams. There were a total of 8 test-playing nations represented at the tournament. Due to low ratings, the competition was canceled in 2014.


The Australian Tri-Series

Solarbete Australian Tri Series

Similarly, the Australian Tri-Series, a formerly prominent tournament, is no longer staged. Australia used to host a yearly tournament called the Tri-Series, in which they would face off against two visiting teams. Over time, every major cricketing nation has been represented.


Asia Cup

Solarbet Asia Cup

There is no other continental cricket event outside of Asia. The event is one of a kind due to the fact that it changes formats every time it's held. Currently, it alternates between Twenty20 and One-Day International competitions. Since the tournament's inception in 1984, India has dominated, winning seven times.


The Solarbet Cricket Betting experience

When compared to other Singaporean bookmakers, Solarbet offers the best cricket odds. This reliable online gambling establishment has in-play wagering, wagering on upcoming events, and a plethora of betting options. Sports betting enthusiasts, including cricket aficionados, can take advantage of the site's regular incentives.


If you're looking for a great selection of bonus offers, Solarbet is your best bet. Live streaming of your preferred matches is also available on the platform, making it unnecessary to look elsewhere for your betting needs. This is a unique selling point that no other online casino in Singapore can match.

Frequently Asked Questions: Cricket Betting


Is cricket betting at Solarbet legal in Singapore?

In a nutshell, cricket betting at Solarbet is legal in Singapore. While betting is seriously controlled at Singapore Pools, which is the sole betting site legally allowed to take bets in Singapore, approved offshore services such as Solarbet fill the void to accommodate the sport's expanding demand.


What makes Solarbet the best cricket betting site in Singapore?

With its betting lines, competitive odds, enticing promos, and even live stream services, Solarbet is perhaps the primary online betting site in Singapore that springs to mind. If your chosen betting site can achieve all of these, it truly deserves to be called the best in Singapore!


Can I place cricket bets online at Solarbet?

The short answer is yes. Since Solarbet provides fans with all they want, including amazing promotions, favorable odds, a variety of betting options, and much more! In Singapore, there are various betting sites, but Solarbet is the crowd favorite!


Can I win money on cricket betting at Solarbet?

Yes, it is possible to win in cricket betting online at Solarbet. Solarbet is a trustworthy online sportsbook that provides a large range of cricket betting options, such as match winner, toss winner, top batsman, live betting, and many more.


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