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The term sports isn’t only limited to the usual types of physical activities such as football, baseball, badminton, basketball, and rugby; it is way more than this. With the advancement of technology and innovative features developed throughout the years, the game you usually played during your past-time is now an official sport.


If you ever heard of e-sports or at least have played once, then chances are you might have an idea of the amazing things that it has to offer. As a billion-dollar industry, esports is regarded as the “sport of digital generation”. It is accessible to almost everyone and the fact that you can win rewarding cash prizes is only one of the reasons why it is as big as it is now. 


But the thing is there’s more to esports betting Singapore than it might probably seem. Let us navigate the realm of esports and what makes it worth playing. Allow us here at Solarbet to equip you with the knowledge that you must have before actually stepping into the fun and thrilling world of esports! 

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Why is Esports so popular?

Have you ever thought about why esports is so popular? What makes it stand out compared to the existing sports betting that Solarbet Online Casino Singapore features?  If so, you’re not alone! These are probably the questions that many players like you have in mind. That is exactly why before going any further let us address them head-on. 


To begin, let us take a step back and take a quick memory lane and appreciate the humble beginning of esports in the 1970s. Since then, there is no denying that its popularity has definitely exploded. The fact that millions of people have been watching professional gamers battle each other is irrefutable evidence that esports is a big deal in the world of entertainment. 


But what makes it really popular is because of these three particular reasons:

Thrilling nature

When it comes to the adrenaline rush, live esports betting Singapore is always at the forefront. That is exactly why it captures the interest of countless players across the globe. It has a competitive gameplay not to mention an exceptional rush of emotions just by watching and much more when betting. 

Accessibility and Inclusivity

While most traditional sports require physical talents or specific equipment to play, esports offers the ability for anyone to compete on the same level. You can easily join in the esports tournaments and competitions as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. 

This provides complete access to almost all of the players who want to participate and even bet on esports. It also transcends barriers like gender and location, bringing an entire community of different people who both play and watch games together.

The rise of betting site

Let’s face it: no matter how fun and exciting Singapore’s esports betting is, if there aren’t any betting sites where you can opt for then it wouldn’t be as popular as it is now. The fact that both players and bettors can win rewarding cash prizes, makes esports a game worth trying. 


Thanks to trusted betting sites like Solarbet Casino for giving excellent and secure gameplay for a multitude of esports bettors. 

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Dive into the World of Major Esports Games

Discussing all of the esports games would take us forever. That is to say, let us break it all to you, and give you the major esports games as of 2024.

League of Legends

With millions of views and an estimated worth of $3 million prize pool, League of Legends also known as LOL being included in the list isn’t even a question. Its strategic gameplay is one of the reasons that makes it a well-known game for players across the globe. 


The game offers more than 150 champions, so picking a different one each round effectively means the game never plays the same, making it extremely satisfying for the player.


Similar to other esports games, DOTA 2 is also one of the hottest and most viewed esports available on every betting site. With its thriving competitive gameplay, it unsurprisingly has major tournaments offering multi-million dollar prize pools. 

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

As one of the esports games accessible on mobile devices, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is incredibly easy to get a hold of. You can even access it with few controls, making it easy for new players to jump right in. 


It provides you with an immersive experience and developed storyline not to mention a plethora of characters. Different heroes, each with unique special abilities and backstories, can be chosen. All in all, one of the main reasons why it is one of the biggest esports today is because it is very convenient to play in addition to the fact that it has competitive and fast-paced gameplay. 

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive alone, 40+ teams are playing and have gathered millions of views in each tournament. Simply put, there are several reasons behind the popularity of CS: GO. 

That includes a string of fast action from the sport that keeps everyone bouncing. Gameplay is objective based, which means that players have to team up with each other and complete tasks and knock out the other team providing you with a power-packed competitive experience.


Released in June 2020, Valorant garnered immense attention from gamers, particularly aficionados of the tactical shooter genre. It combines several elements of gameplay that are unique, and this is a big reason why the game has become increasingly popular. 


Many factors have contributed to the success of Overwatch as an esport. One of which is accessibility and strategic gameplay. Its diverse cast of heroes, fast-paced matches, and the overall nature of the games keep the action exciting for players. 


Fortnite has a creative combination of battle royale and building mechanics that presents a fun and fresh playing experience. If you’re a beginner, you can jump right into the game and enjoy its excellent functionality. The game itself is continuously updating making it more engaging for many players to come back to in addition to the fact that it has millions worth of prize pool. 

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Successful tips for sports betting

While it is true that Singapore’s esports betting is indeed strategic gameplay, having an established and efficient betting approach is crucial to turn your enjoyment into profit. And while we’re at it, giving you all the knowledge you must have before playing esports — then might as well also cover the five most valuable tips to employ when placing bets. 

Take Time to Research

As the saying goes, research is the key and always will be. For instance, when it comes to esports betting you must be familiar with the types of esports that you can play, such as the following:


  • Sports Games
  • Racing Games
  • Fighting Games
  • Multiplayers Online Battle Arena (MOBA)


By doing so, you make a more informed bet for better and more rewarding gameplay!

Understand the Betting Markets

Similar to sports betting, esports also has its own betting markets that you must be familiar with. And in the case of esports betting it includes the following:

  • Match Winner
  • Tournament Winner
  • Correct Score
  • Over/Under
  • Bracket of Group Winner
  • Parlays

Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions

Almost all of the betting sites have bonuses and promotions and know that their purpose is not only to entice players but also a way to maximize players' chances of winning. 


Solarbet Singapore for instance, has the hottest rundown of casino offerings from the welcome bonus, reload bonuses, and starter pack bonus, to eGames Friday allowing players to play and win big!

Avoid Emotional Betting

We totally get it: esports betting in live casino Singapore is great and all but don’t make the most common mistakes many people did — betting with emotions instead of head. To avoid this, you must stay objective and bet rationale not because you want your gut feeling alone. 

Established Limits and Goals

It may seem simple but establishing a limit and goals can be helpful than you might think it is. It is useful if you want to maintain a healthy betting routine. You must know when to start and give your all. 

Solarbet: Your Home for Esports Betting!

If you’re a casino enthusiast who only plays in nothing but the best betting site in Singapore, then Solarbet needs no further introduction. But for beginners seeking the finest platform to bet on esports, you just need to learn one thing: Solarbet SG is the premier destination for innovative and trustworthy gameplay! 


Forget your worry about your safety while playing, as advanced the game that you are playing so does the security of our platform. Not only are we regulated by reputable gambling authorities, but we also have a high level of security through our 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ensuring all of your personal and financial information is completely safe. 


With our comprehensive games, user-friendly interface, lucrative bonuses and promotions, if these wouldn’t shower you with an unforgettable e-sports betting experience, then what is? Play and win at Singapore’s live esports betting and see the real excitement of playing ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is esports betting?

As the name implies, esports is an electronic sport organized in a competitive video game. Unlike sports betting, it does not focus on physical games, rather the games are set in a virtual reliable.

Is esports betting profitable?

Yes, the world of e-sports isn’t only about fun and excitement; it’s also a gateway for a chance to win rewarding cash prizes. As long as you play in a reputable betting site and play strategically, the chance to win is within your reach. 

How do I start esports betting?

If you are interested in esports betting and want to start your journey now, the first thing that you need to do now is to find a trusted sportsbook to bet on. By doing so, the rest will follow, understanding the betting odds and choosing a tournament to wager. 

Does Solarbet offer the best esports betting?

Absolutely! Solarbet lives up to its reputation as the premier betting site in Singapore by offering an innovative and classic esports experience to countless Singaporean players.

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