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Horse Racing in Singapore

Singapore horse racing

Horse racing is one of the dynamic forms of wagering in sports. The thrill of betting on your favorite thoroughbred horse is immeasurable.


Whether you are wagering on trifecta or just betting on which horse to win, we are here to provide you with essential info on proper wagering tips and techniques you can use from your arsenal. 

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What is Singapore horse racing?

Singapore horse racing is one of the two legal forms of gambling in Singapore, this is why most of the betting tips you will find on the internet are about horse racing and lottery. Singapore is the epicenter of horserace betting in Asia, and the city-state is the best destination for this type of betting. 


The site was organized to guide you in your Singapore Pools horse racing journey so that you could easily find what you are looking for in just a glance. Solarbet will give you the action directly from the Kranji Racecourse. 


You will also find news about the latest trends in the world of Singapore horse racing on the site directly from your favorite racecourses such as the Belmont Stakes and Kentucky Derby.

Horse Racing Betting Types

One can bet on a horse race in a variety of ways, from the most basic "Win” bets to more complex "Forecast" and "exotic" wagers. Several of the various wagers that can be placed on horse races will be discussed in this article.


There are many different kinds of bets, and our staff has categorized them so that you can pick the right one for you whether you're sitting in front of the TV at home watching Singapore horse racing live today, visiting a local betting shop, or heading to the races.


Betting on horse racing is no different from betting on any other sporting event and there are numerous betting markets and options to pick from. Below are the betting options you'll find at Singapore Pools and on any other online betting site like SolarbetSG:

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A win bet is the simplest type of wager in horse racing. All bets are paid out if the horse you choose comes in the first place. The excitement of betting on a horse to win the race is matched only by the thrill of seeing your horse come out on top. For many, this is the best online horse racing betting Singapore category out there.


Roll Win

Another common wager on the horses where the bettor must only choose the winners of two or three races to cash in. Each race's dividend and/or refund will be carried over to the next one that meets the criteria set by the user.



The place bet guarantees you a payout if your selection places in the top two, relieving any anxiety you may have had about your top option losing in a photo finish. If your horse places first or second, you win the bet.



The goal of a Forecast bet is to correctly predict the first two finishers in a given event, regardless of how the finish itself is recorded. The 3-5 Forecast pays up if Horse No. 3 takes first place and Horse No. 5 comes in second. The Exacta is one form of wagering on horse races.

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Place Forecast

Place Forecast is a form of horse racing wagering in which players must choose two horses to finish in either first and second, first and third, or second and third places.



You'll need to pick the first three finishers in this form of a horse racing bet, adding another element of difficulty to the game. This horse racing wager involves picking the first, second, and third-place finishers in the exact order.


This wager is for those who are confident in their ability to make Win, Place, and Forecast bets. Tierce wagers are more challenging than Win, Place, and Forecast bets and therefore pay out more. If you bet on these horses, you can only win if they come in first, second, and third, and only if they finish in that precise order.



Like the Tierce wager, which requires the top three finishers to come in a specific order, the Trio wager allows players to choose any three horses to place in the top three.



As the next level, the Quartet or Superfecta requires players to correctly predict the order of the top four finishers. Given the difficulty of winning on a Quartet wager, many tracks have modest minimum wager requirements that allow bettors to play multiple combinations while staying within their budgets.



Flexi-Quartet is very similar to Quartet, the only distinction between a Flexi-Quartet and a Quartet is whether the minimum or full unit bet is used (whichever is higher).

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Final thoughts

Among the most often bet-on sports is horse racing. The excitement of a horse race can be amplified by the chance of financial gain from correctly predicting the winner. So, as you can see, there is a wide variety of wagers available.


If you are confident in Singapore horse racing results, you can invest a greater stake in to win, but if you think an underdog horse has a shot at a big payout, an each-way wager is a way to go.


Betting types differ in terms of risk, profit, and overall value. It's easy to see why the Win Bet is the most popular sort of horse racing bet out there. It is as simple as predicting the winner of a horse race.


Regardless, coming across the Singapore Horse Racing results can be quite as simple.


The Flexi-Quartet, in which four different horses need to be selected and they must win in the precise order, is undoubtedly the most difficult horse race betting option.

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Top 15 Best Online Horse Racing Betting Sites in Singapore 2024


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Solarbet Top Horse Racing betting providers

Horse racing tips at your fingertips

To get you started, the platform has gathered all the essential information that you need so that you don't have to do it yourself. From Singapore horse racing tips and predictions to accurate analysis from our betting experts, we got you covered for all your needs.


The site also provided a special page for the Horse Racing Picks that are free of charge and accurate enough to guarantee you solid winnings. The page is updated regularly so that you won't miss the betting action and you will be informed about the new trends in Singapore horseracing.  


The picks will find on the site are collated by our team of professional tipsters who analyze the ongoing trends in sports betting and summarize these essential data to land an accurate prediction of outcome and make as many profitable wins as possible. 


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Horse racing results for your betting

Aside from tips and predictions, the platform is also offering horse racing results in real-time. Just like the sports betting tips, the horseracing results are also updated regularly so that you won't miss the result of a single race. 


You can check out the list of results from the horseracing events like the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Kentucky Downs Stakes, Preakness Stakes, Pegasus World Cup, and Breeders Cup. 


Additionally, the platform has horse racing results that are well-archived based on tracks and it was organized in alphabetical order so that you will find what you are looking for easily. Check out Singapore horse racing results today from your favorite racecourses such as Arizona Downs, Pimlico, Laurel Park, Saratoga Racecourse, Gulfstream Park, etc. 

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Live Singapore Horse Racing Today

If you're looking for a good place to watch some Singapore horse racing live today, you've found it. Bets on all the exciting races in Singapore may be placed at this top-rated betting platform. If you're looking for a comprehensive online betting platform, go no further than our horse racing website.


The public has chosen us as the best alternative, and we intend to live up to their high expectations by constantly expanding and bettering our offerings. One more piece of evidence is that it is possible to watch horse races on Solarbet for no cost. Further, it should be noted that there is no added cost for any of these!


Horse racing betting is available at most online sportsbooks, but Solarbet's Livestream of the action is unparalleled. It's free to sign up for a Solarbet account and utilize the service once you've got one. As a result, you'll have further money to invest as a stake in the races.


The greatest way to experience today's Singapore horse racing is at the track, but if that isn't possible for you, don't worry. Every major betting site also provides a live streaming option for customers' convenience. Some bookmakers require a funded account in order to access live streaming of any horse racing event.


The real kicker is that Solarbet doesn't need you to have any sort of reserve requirement in your account, minimum deposit, or minimum bet in order to watch the event live. This is why Solarbet's sports betting online hub is the best in all sports, not just horse racing.


Live horse races are even more exciting if you put money into the Singapore horse racing results. Predicting the outcomes of horse races in Singapore and placing bets on them is more exciting than ever. Horse racing sportsbooks typically incorporate live streaming of the events, so there's no need to switch to a different tab or window to watch the races.


Live horserace betting offerings

The site is also offering live betting services where you can maximize your wagers by watching the action in real-time and you can adjust your bets accordingly. The platform highly recommends that you try Singapore horse racing live because it will provide you with betting opportunities that will guarantee you a beneficial win. 


You can also easily see if the selection that you included in your trifecta wager still has odds that are in your favor. Live streaming is also available on the site if you wish to watch the action whenever you are and place your wager right away. 


Major Horse Races That You Can Place Your Bet On!

horse racing Singapore

The KrisFlyer International Sprint and The Singapore Airlines International Cup 

Singapore Airlines international cup

Both the Singapore Airlines International Cup and the KrisFlyer International Sprint are back-to-back Singapore horse racing event that are part of the Singapore International Racing Festival. Founded in 2000, the race was participated by some of the known owners, trainers, and jockeys around the world. 

Singapore Gold Cup

Singapore Gold Cup

The Singapore Gold Cup was one of the important events in Singapore's annual racing schedule. The horse race was typically held every November, the race was held in the Kranji Racecourse. 

Lion City Cup

Lion City Cup

The Lion City Cup was launched in 1974, and it is widely regarded as the most prestigious domestic race in Singapore. The event has 1,800 meters and the participating horses are typically aged three or much older.

Queen Elizabeth II Cup

Queen Elizabeth

Sponsored by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II herself, the Singapore horse racing event was a tribute to the queen. During its launch, over 26,000 spectators attended the race and the winner of the event will receive $35,000. 

Kranji Mile

Kranji Mile

Kranji Mile was introduced in 2000 and it surpassed the Queen Elizabeth II Cup as a part of the Singapore Triple Crown Races. The Kranji Mile was considered one of the important races in Singapore.

Singapore Derby

Singapore Derby

The Singapore Derby is the longest-running horse race in Singapore. It has prize money of a whopping $400,000. 

Raffles Cup

Raffles cup

Finally, the Raffles Cup is one of the events in the Triple Crown series. Currently, the Singapore horse racing event has now had a 1,600m line. 


If you want to enjoy a myriad of betting services, the best online casino Singapore offers various gambling forms such as football betting, slots gaming, Horse racing Singapore, and live dealer casino. Claim your offers now to win more prizes!


Why choose Solarbet for horserace betting? 

There are plenty of reasons why Solarbet is the site that is right for the job for providing you with essential information about Singapore horse racing odds and other horserace betting services. One of the main reasons why Solarbet is a perfect bookmaker for horserace betting is that the site is jampacked with features that will satisfy all your needs about thoroughbred betting. 


Check out the latest horse racing tips and results on the site to help you make the right decision. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: Horse Racing Betting

What races are available to place bets on at Solarbet?

Thoroughbred Racing is the most well-known type of horse racing, in which horses compete with riders on flat courses made of dirt or grass. Also, Jump Racing, which incorporates barriers or hurdles, and Harness Racing, which has horses pulling carts, are the two most popular other horse racing events. There are more Racing Calendar and Race Cards options in Singapore.


The appealing aspect of Singapore horse racing events and horse races, in general, is that there are so many different races to choose from that you can only find at Solarbet.


What makes Solarbet the best horse racing betting site in Singapore?

When it comes to Singapore online sports betting, there are many greater options, notably at Solarbet, which provides a wide range of horse racing events both locally and globally.


In addition, betting choices expand beyond horse racing to other types of sports. These features make Solarbet the best horse racing betting site in Singapore.


How do I place horse racing bets online at Solarbet?

Solarbet makes it simple for players to place wagers on Singapore horse racing events. All they have to do is sign up and make a betting account before visiting the site's horse racing section or horse racing page to see all of their options.


When can I place horse racing bets at Solarbet?

On race days, horse racing bets can only be placed at Singapore Pools beginning at 8 a.m. You may make your bets at Solarbet basically whenever there is a horse racing event offered. These online betting providers have Singapore horse racing tournaments that run all year.


How does futures betting work at Solarbet horse race betting?

Futures bets are horse racing bets or bets as a whole that serve to make predictions on future occurrences. Most of the time, these happenings are still months or years away from taking place.


Punters are drawn to these types of bets since Solarbet provides a rich payoff and excellent odds. As you may understand, this Singapore horse racing bet is highly risky because things can always go wrong.


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