EPL Betting

EPL Fixtures And Betting Odds

EPL Fixtures

The English Premier League is deemed superior when it comes to the domestic leagues. Hence, the English football world is well-renowned all over the world and they even expand to other industries like business, politics, and entertainment. 


This is why the announcement of EPL fixtures is hugely important. This list of schedules will serve as a guide for both the clubs and organizers participating in the games as well as the bettors.

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English Premier League Fixtures 2024

The EPL fixtures are a list of schedules of the matches for the season of the Premier League. The fixtures change every year depending on the current clubs that will play for the season. 


To give you an idea, we took the time to collect data and present you with the official fixtures for August. What you see below is the table that presents the ongoing season of the English Premier League 2023-2024.

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The 20 clubs that are participating in the English Premier League will play in the games that are arranged in a home and away game format. In a particular match, the away team will travel to the stadium of the home team to play. Conversely, the teams will switch to other times in the fixtures.


The EPL season usually operates from August to May, however, this format could change depending on the circumstances at that time just like in World Cup 2022.


The factors that affected the fixtures is the processes of promotion and relegation. Relegation means the three lowest ranking clubs in the season will be demoted to the EFL Championship League, which is a lower ranking league. Contrastingly, the process of promotion, as the name suggests, promotes the top three clubs in the Championship League.

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English Premier League Betting Odds 2024

TeamOdds (Wbet)
Manchester City1.45
Newcastle United34
Manchester United67
Tottenham Hotspur67
Brighton & Hove Albion501
Crystal Palace1001
West Ham United1001
Aston Villa1501
Leicester City2001
Leeds United2501
Wolverhampton Wanderers2501
AFC Bournemouth2501
Nottingham Forest2501


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EPL Team Ranking

The team ranking is the official list of the finishing position of each club in the EPL following the culmination of the football league season. Just like the official fixtures of the Premier League, the team's standing also changes annually due to a lot of factors such as injuries, and transfers, among others. 


The volatility of the ranking table allows the three lowest-ranking teams to be relegated to the EFL Championship while the top four teams in the standings table will be qualified to participate in the UEFA Champions League. 


The table below represents the updated team ranking in the English Premier League 2023-2024

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The English Premier League was established in February 1992. This was following the decision of the first division to be separated from the rest of the Football League that was established in 1988. 


The football league of England was often emulated by other domestic leagues in Europe such as the Spanish La Liga and German Bundesliga. The English Premier League Livestream also allows players to watch both domestic and international football.


In the world of football, the name English Premier League is well-recognized. The top-flight football league is not just popular in continental Europe but as well as in the whole wide world. 

epl fixtures


It is also the reason why the Premier League is known not just in England but also in countries like Curacao and Ghana.


Each respective club in the English Premier League has its number of supporters and each one of them has its branding that its fans are following. English clubs such as Manchester United have set up their own culture and lifestyle. 


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Final Words

The English Premier League is a grand sporting event in football and it is participated by the 20 clubs in the English football league system. It is home to the most outstanding and bankable clubs in Europe. The huge popularity and dominance of the EPL are unimaginable and can't be emulated.


Browse the updated news about the English Premier League on the site. View the latest EPL fixtures now and place your bets now!

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Frequently Asked Questions: EPL Betting

What is the easiest football bet at Solarbet?

The match result market in football is the most basic type of bet. Simply place your wagers; you may support either team to win or draw, and the outcome of the match will decide whether you win or lose.


How do I read EPL odds at Solarbet?

The possibility of a positive outcome in a game is described by the odds. This might be who wins, what happens, or the overall amount of points. There are three types of odds: fractional (British), decimal (European), and money line (American).


The first type of odds, which is fractional odds, is formed up of two numbers separated by a slash (for example, 3/2). Second are the decimal odds, which represent whole numbers with one or two decimal places.


The last one is the American odds. In this type of betting, the odds are represented by a plus or minus sign. A club that is not expected to win has a negative sign, whereas a team that is expected to win has a plus sign.


Can I place bets on the English Premier League at Solarbet?

The short answer is yes. When you sign up with Solarbet, you will be able to watch the whole Premier League action live and begin betting on the league's matches right away. Examine the best English Premier League betting odds, as well as the most profitable bonuses and promotions, for the primary contest.

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