Debunking Different Myths and Misconceptions About Slot Games

Ever since slot games were introduced in the 1860s, the game has spread like a wildfire and is thriving today. What is amazing is that online slots are now available even in Singapore, a nation known for its strict gambling laws. 

However, despite all of these good things, myths about the game still exist. We will debunk some of them today in this guide.

Slots are easily manipulated

While a lot of people are mesmerized by the dynamics of online slots Singapore games, these same people also think that slots could be easily rigged. However, people should know that slots are just like other casino games, they have a house edge.

What this means is that in every casino game, the odds are always for the benefit of the casino. The house edge is designed to keep the continuity of the business of the casino. The key is to look for a casino that has a huge RTP rating.

Players have no control to improve their odds

Slot games are based on luck and the outcome of the game is dependent on the volatility of chance. This is why most of the players will find themselves on a losing streak. This is why most people find luck-based casino games a waste of time.

Little do most punters know that even though they don’t have control over the conclusion of the game, they can do something to boost their odds to win in slot games. There are a lot of strategies that players can apply to improve their gameplay.

Autospin is less profitable than manual spins

The auto spin feature is now available in a lot of slot games that you will encounter in the market. In comparison to the manual spin, autospin or autoplay allows players to adjust the settings and let the slot spin the reels automatically and then play all over and over again.

Sadly, a lot of bettors believed that auto spins in slots pay less than the manual feature. However, there is no reliable proof that this myth ring any truth with it. 

A slot will pay any minute after not paying in a while

Online slots Singapore gamers are much more prone to have a fatalistic attitude towards gambling games. They easily believe that the slot will pay any minute after not producing any wins for a while. However, slots utilize random number generators to facilitate a winning combination.

The RNGs in slots are the reason why the game is unpredictable which means even if they feel in their gut they are about to win, the result of the game is still depending on the probability of the spin.

Free spins pay fewer rewards

Free spins are created by the casinos to attract the players to spend more and eventually provide them with a massive payout. Free spins are usually triggered once a certain number of scatter symbols land on the reels. 

While free spins can boost your winnings and take them to the level, some players believe that free spins are just bogus and do not pay well. However, it has proven that free spins really do pay well and a lot of documented wins exist out there.


Slots are not the only casino games that are a victim of myths and misconceptions, there are also myths about baccarat and poker but that was just for another day. For now, we hope that this one illuminated your misconceptions about slot games

Now that you know the facts about slots, you can now appreciate their multiple benefits. Apply your newfound knowledge in online slots Singapore sites. 

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