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Perhaps you want something new in the world of esports? If so, consider it done because the next game to opt for is already here! In this betting guide, let us focus on another top-rated esports betting Singapore, Overwatch, and see for yourself if it can be your next go-to game!


As one of the most popular esports games today, Overwatch simply known now as Overwatch 2 is both a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and first-person shooter (FPS) that has a perfect blend of action and strategy captivating countless players across the globe. 


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What Makes Overwatch Stand Out?

Ever since Overwatch Esports was released in 2016, it has been the talk of every player. With its strategic action and excellent feature of teamwork, the fact that it is considered a global phenomenon is not even up for discussion. 


To further elaborate, it has a diverse cast of characters, each having their abilities and playset. Overwatch is great for teamwork and strategic gameplay. Players need to team up with each other and use the strengths and skills of their hero to solve the tasks given by adding a strategic component to the game. These elements, paired with vibrant visuals, engaging, and dynamic gameplay mechanics, round out.


But what really sets Overwatch apart compared to other games is its new offering of gameplay. Unlike other live esports betting in Singapore, the nature of the game isn’t dark and serious settings. Overwatch has cartoons and futuristic places where players can still enjoy the thrilling nature of the game in a visually stunning background. 

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Get Started with Overwatch Betting

If you want to level up your overwatch experience, then betting on this game is the way to go! The perfect chance to play, watch, and potentially win is right in front of you. However, before making this a reality you must first find a reliable gaming platform. 


No matter how exciting the game is and having a potential chance of winning; it will all be a waste if you are playing on a platform that isn’t regulated by a trusted gambling authority, not to mention a lack of good security. Yes, you may have an unforgettable experience but definitely not in a good way — that you want to remember about. 


Which is exactly why you should never make the big mistake of making a random bet. We get it: e-sports betting is great and all, but you must always be cautious in wagering your money. After all, it is not the only thing that is at stake but also your time. 


If you want to avoid that and are looking for the perfect example of a trusted betting site in Singapore to bet on, then nothing will ever be as good as Solarbet. Our offerings for an excellent betting experience aren’t only limited to secure gameplay but also to limitless esports betting opportunities.

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Make the Most of Your Gameplay: What to Consider Before You Play

As one of the biggest tournaments in Singapore’s esports betting, playing overwatch comes along with various things bettors like you should know. Perhaps, you’re still a beginner who still has a hard time navigating the realm of overwatch? If yes, you’re in luck, here are the following things to consider to make the most of your gameplay! 

Get in the Game: Betting on Overwatch Esports

Similar to other e-sports games out there, playing this game will also offer you a variety of options, including the following:


  • Match Winner: This is the simplest and most exciting bet to try on. It refers to betting on which team is likely to be on top at the end of an individual match. The odds are usually set considering factors like team composition, recent form, injuries to key players, or their replacements
  • Outright Winner: Predicting the winner of an entire tournament rather than a single match. 
  • Future Bet: As the name implies, a future bet means betting on a specific game beforehand. But because it can be quite hard, looking at the data and previous matches is ideal. 
  • Handicap Bet: This type of bet handicaps one of the teams with a numerical value, to even the playing field. Thus, the crowd's favorite will be given a disadvantage and vice versa. 
  • Maps Totals Betting: This bet will let you bet on the result of each map of a match. This gives more in terms of strategy to the game since some teams may be very good on a map because it can favor their style or another type of hero. If you know whether a team tends to win or lose maps ahead of time, it can greatly contribute to your betting experience.
  • First Blood: This is a bet that focuses on what team will get the first kill in a game. Although it is a quick-fire choice and can then lead to quick outcomes.
  • Total Round: This is a bet on how many rounds a certain team will win in the entire match. This is more of a consistent play throughout the entirety of the game.
  • Special Bet: These can cover an extensive range of particular bets including naming MVPs of a match, the team to achieve most objectives, if a match will go to extra time.

Placing Your Bets: A Guide to Overwatch Tournaments

If you’re considering Overwatch to be your next Singapore’s live esports betting destination, it is a decision that you will not truly regret. Here are the following tournaments that you can bet on.


  • Overwatch League: Overwatch League is the first major global professional esports league with city-based teams across Asia, Europe, and North America. OWL features extremely high production value, as well as top-tier talent, and is therefore known for consistent, high-level play, which makes it very attractive to bettors. A regular season is followed by playoffs and finally, by the grand finals, all get a lot of attention and bets can be placed on anything from the outcome of matches to single-player performances.
  • Overwatch Contenders: Overwatch Contenders is a go-to pathway for players to prove themselves in order to become pros. Contenders is an incredibly volatile competition, which makes it particularly appealing to bet on, as it can create breakout stars from previously unknown entities. They can be great places to identify rising stars and to bet on teams with much to offer that are being mostly disregarded.
  • Overwatch World Cup: The Overwatch World Cup is an annual competition in which national teams around the world compete to reign supreme. In the matches played, national pride is at stake and things can get very competitive and emotional. This tournament features competitive OWL players as well as fresh talents which makes the outcomes of these matches unpredictable and if you wager correctly you could easily earn good money. 


The World Cup of course provides a special kind of buzz, as supporters from each nation prepare to cheer on their country to victory. This just creates an even more thrilling dimension to the betting. 

Overwatched Esports Betting: Tips for Informed Wagers

For all of the Overwatch enthusiasts out there, there is a way to intensify your gameplay! If you’re one of the countless players who want to increase their chances of winning, then opting for this esports betting in Singapore tips is the answer you are looking for!


Knowing this can help you better understand the game and it can help you be a more efficient player.

Know the basics of the game

If you ever played any games in a live casino Singapore, then you are aware of the importance of understanding the game first before actually playing it. Learning how the game operates can also provide you with helpful insights in making the outcome of the game much more favorable to you.

Look at facts

It is advisable to research the teams that are playing. Look through their recent form, player statistics, and head-to-head results. These facts can help you in making an objective betting decision. 

Try different betting markets

Because Overwatch has a wide range of betting options besides just betting on the match winner. You can also diversify the options from which you place your bets, thereby increasing your chances of discovering the greatest odds possible for your betting moves.

Opt for expert analysis

There are dozens of analysts and betting guides available for Overwatch, so make the most of these resources to improve your gameplay. You can compare your results with theirs for a different view and more informed bets. But just a quick reminder, never depend on their advice alone, it is still much better if combined with your research. 

Practice responsible gaming

Needless to say, no matter how amazing live esports betting Singapore is, it doesn’t change the fact that it is still online gambling. That said, among all the tips that you should remember, what you must never forget is to practice responsible gambling. 


One of the ways to do this is by managing your bankroll efficiently. You must always have a limitation on how much money you can gamble and as the saying goes only bet what you can afford to lose. 

Solarbet: Your Ultimate Overwatch Destination!

There you have it; a glimpse of the things that Overwatch has to offer. And to answer your question is this game worth being your next go-to game? The answer is obvious and simple — Yes! Not only because of the game itself but also due to the fact that you can play it on the leading platform in Singapore, Solarbet Casino. 


The finest and safest platform is here, so don’t look for anywhere else. Try Esports Overwatch today and discover the beauty that awaits you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What hero characters does Overwatch have?

Overwatch includes a variety of heroes; they can be divided into three roles, including tank heroes (shield), damage heroes (offensive abilities), and support heroes (restore other player’s health). 

Is Overwatch a good game to bet on?

Yes! Overwatch offers great gaming features not to mention that it also has a variety of betting options and tournaments that every player can definitely enjoy!

Can I bet on Overwatch at Solarbet?

Absolutely! Among all the esports titles that Solarbet Singapore has, Overwatch is one of them. You can have a betting experience like no other, thanks to its finest and secure features.

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