Singapore Pools is a gambling and gaming company based out of Singapore, which is one of the biggest online gambling operators in Asia. Singapore Pools Limited is an independent state-owned lottery subsidiary corporation in Singapore. This means, if you wish to gamble legally in the country, this is the place to be.

An introduction to Singapore Pools

As a completely owned subsidiary of The Tote Board, which is one of the largest gambling operators in the world, it’s the only company that’s legally permitted to operate sports and lottery pools in Singapore. Their Singapore Pools 4D Lottery is amongst the most popular.

As a response to many illegal gambling activities getting out of hand in the country, Singapore Pools was established on May 23rd of 1968. It served as a way for the locals to make wagers on sports and lotteries legally. It was a great way to combat unauthorized gambling venues at the time.

Singapore Pools have been granted an exemption under the Remote Gambling Act of 2014 by the Ministry of Home Affairs on September 29th of 2016.

Applying and creating an account on Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools is strict about their member applications. To apply and create an account, certain qualifications need to be met. A Singaporean residential address must be provided along with a local number. Of course, you need to at a legal age of at least 21 years of age to sign up.

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If you are not from Singapore or someone who is a tourist, you can still create an online casino account with Singapore Pools but you need to provide proof of residency, a Singapore Foreign Identification Number (FIN), or both.

All you need to do once all these qualifications are met is to head over to the Singapore Pool website and complete your application. Once filled out, visit any Singapore Pools branch with your NRIC or National Registration Identity Card for verification.

You can also present your Foreign Identification Number when asked. Additional verifications might still be required by the National Council on Problem Gambling whenever necessary. Completion may still take some time but you can check its status from time to time by logging into your account.

Sports betting in Singapore Pools

You can bet for as low as $1 in SingaporePools. Betting can be placed before the start of any match or event, or event up until sales are completely closed. There are also some instances where betting is allowed even if the match or game is already ongoing.

Assuming that you are logged in. Choose Upcoming Events at the Sports menu from the homepage. Simply enter your stake and take your time to review your slip and potential payout before completing your bets. Choose between singles or multiple bets.

Withdrawing money from Singapore Pools

You finally won something in Singapore Pools Toto. Now what? Where do you go next?

You can make withdrawals from your account through any Singapore Pools branch. But before you do so, you need to create a withdrawal request online. You have two options to accomplish this request. The first option is to go through the main website and the other is through the phone.

Once you are logged in, choose the Withdrawals option on the left navigation menu. Simply fill out the form along with the withdrawal amount. You may need to confirm your password first to complete this request.

If you wish to do it over the phone, you need to call 6786 6688 and hit 1 for Personal Account Matters. Assuming that you are logged in already, hit 1 again to confirm your account balance. Further following the voice prompts will then allow you to key-in your desired withdrawal amount.

Please note that while there is an active withdrawal request, the amount declared for withdrawal cannot be used for sports or live casino betting but cancellation of request is available. Each request will only be valid for 48 hours and will expire if not collected within the said time frame.

Lastly, withdrawals can be cashed out at any Singapore Pools branch. However, if the amount is more than $5,000, it shall be withdrawn from the main branch.

Getting a Singapore Pools top-up card

Thinking of reloading your Singapore Pools account? Top-up cards are available at any Singapore Pools branches and selected retailers. The denominations available are $50, $100, and $200. Similar to withdrawals, you can also top-up online or using your phone.