How Does TOTO Singapore Work?

Singapore has a loose restriction when it comes to lucky draws as they can be considered as a form of a public lottery.

Public lotteries are permitted under the exemptions stated in the Common Gaming Houses Act or CGHA unlike most live casino games and gambling activities. One of the most popular lottery games in Singapore is the TOTO lottery.

Lottery in Singapore

A lottery according to the definition of CGHA is a game, method, device, or scheme where money or similar value is dispersed or distributed in any manner to be determined by chance. Simply put, anything that relies on pure probability can be classified as a public lottery, therefore, legal.

Like with some notable online casino singapore games, the jackpot amount depends on the ticket price, the number of numbers that have been drawn, and the type of lottery game being played. A player has the right to claim his prize if he wins a lotto game and there are various ways by which a player can do this.

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Other prizes aren’t limited to cash or money for these lottery games. While in most cases lotteries like 4D lotteries tend to offer cash prizes when 4D results are out, they could also offer travel or flight tickets, trips, vacations, getaways, cars, and even houses!

Sometimes lotteries are conducted to collect funds for various establishments, organizations, and projects to help promote the development of the country.

Singapore Pools offer TOTO bets, 4D lotteries, and Singapore Sweep lotteries. There are several ways to make a wager for these lottery games. They can be done over the internet or on your phone, just like any online casino game. They can even be done at a physical lottery outlet.

Singapore Pools TOTO

The TOTO Singapore lottery is one of the many lotteries allowed in Singapore. This lottery is run by Singapore Pools, a government organization. The Toto Singapore Lottery ticket can only be purchased from the approved lottery outlets in Singapore and it can also be played online.

If you wish to buy a lotto or TOTO ticket, Sweeps are available at any Singapore Pools vendors and affiliated retail outlets all across the country. They can be bought mainly in the North, South, East, West, and Central locations.

The TOTO Singapore ticket only costs a mere $1 GST included. Playing is quite simple. A player needs to pick at least 6 different numbers between 1 and 49. During the draw, six winning numbers will be drawn along with an additional number during Mondays and Thursdays. The draw for the TOTO results happens every 6:30 PM.

To earn a prize, you need to hit at least 3 winning numbers, any combination or order! The more numbers you hit, the bigger the prize that you’ll get.

Claiming your prize is just as easy. Any amount of $5,000 below, an assigned outlet will be given to you. Anything above that amount, you need to claim your prize at the Singapore Pools Main Branch. Of course, you need to present the winning ticket when claiming your winnings.

TOTO Cascade Draw

TOTO cascade draw takes place after three consecutive draws with no group 1 prize winner. The jackpot does not mount but instead, it will be paid to the next prize group and shall be shared and distributed equally.

TOTO Subscription

A TOTO Singapore Subscription allows players to make bets for 10 consecutive draws over the internet. They can also place bets through the phone but you can only set up three draws at a time. Please note that the maximum stake for each draw is $50.


Is Singapore TOTO tax-free?

The minimum cost of the TOTO lottery ticket is only $1 and that already includes GST or Goods and Services Tax.

Is TOTO winning taxable?

Absolutely not. Winnings from TOTO Singapore or any legal betting games in Singapore are completely tax-free.

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