Tips on Betting in Basketball

Basketball is one of the world’s most popular sports or pastimes.

Its worldwide fame has grown to great heights thanks, largely to widely-followed tournaments like the National Basketball Association (NBA), Fiba World Cup, Euroleague, Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC), etc.

Of course, players idolized by millions of fans are also the major force why this game also called hoops remains a part of our lives especially those who love sports.

Singapore is one of the countries that love basketball. Its fans not only patronize the sports simply by watching the NBA and the likes but also through online gaming.

Singapore’s online gaming in basketball has been a major part of its online gaming industry catering to the most loyal basketball fans and newcomers or beginners as well.

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The next time you decide to try your luck playing basketball online, consider the following valuable tips:

Sign Up with a Reputable Bookmaker

Register with as many bookmakers as possible. Although basketball is not the most popular sport in online gaming, bookmakers always offer plenty of odds on the basketball games being played. To make sure you can bet on the match of your choice, it is good to open an account at all reputable betting sites that offer welcome bonuses and give you lots of opportunities to wager.

Follow the Favourites of Bookmakers

Once you have signed up with your chosen bookmaker, look at the odds that are being offered for the matches you wish to place bets on.

You need to look at the team news. When a top team plays a team lower down the tournament, they will always have a strong chance of emerging winners. Back the favourites but the odds are likely to be very short. Therefore, it is a good idea to place handicap bets in order to get better odds.

Be Updated on the Team’s Form

Keep in mind that basketball is a team sport, and so the fitness of teams will also be a major factor when betting.

Some teams that take part for example in a midweek NBA game may have a weary squad and therefore they may not be in focus at the weekend. Fatigue can then have a direct impact on the results of a match. Another thing to consider is the individual health of players.

It is possible that some players will be absent in the line-up for a game. If they are the top players, then this will greatly weaken the team, especially if they have a lack of good reserves. This may well change your opinion of how a game will end.

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Motivation Factor

Always keep in mind that motivation will remain a determining factor in the game.

You should always consider the importance of a basketball game. It could be a battle-for-top-place game, a relegation match or a local derby.

If it is a meaningless match, teams may not be so motivated and field in weakened line-ups. The lack of a star or key player may also affect how a team plays. This may lead teams to play more cohesively or just leave them completely out of rhythm.

The rivalry between two opposing teams is also an additional motivator. To learn more about a team’s motivation, read pre-game press statements.

You can then place your bet knowing just how crucial the game is to each team.

Starting Line-ups

Always check a team’s starting line-up before placing your bet. Make sure all starters are accounted for, and are not on the injury list

Home Court Edge

Home court advantage is still important when it comes to betting on basketball. But don’t overestimate its value. The home-court advantage does not guarantee the home team will win.

Favourite Team

If you want to make a profit, set aside your favourites and bet with your head. Don’t let your emotions get over you.

Don’t rely on betting trends as useful data. They just give you a general insight into what other sports bettors (many of them misinformed or uninformed) are doing with their bets.

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