The Most Predictable Sports to Bet On

There is a vast array of options where you can place your bets on in online sports betting.

Several online sports betting sites can be found in countries where you are most likely residing right now. One of them is the island-nation of Singapore.

Online gaming in Singapore has soared to great popularity over the last decade or so as online betting fans never cease to stop in their quests to win big in well-known sports such as football, basketball, tennis, horse racing, table games, boxing, and many others.

As online sports betting in Singapore grow at a rapid rate, online sports fans also look for to which kind of sports are predictable, thus they offer them easy ways to win most of the time.

To help online betting fans, notably newbies or newcomers, here are the sports where you can find it easy to wager while having fun at the same time:

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Football is perhaps the easiest sport to place your bets on.

Although football is considered as responsible for the several million lost by bettors, it is still the best option for bettors looking to win it big.

In football betting, considering you have the right tips for the leagues, markets, or divisions you want to bet on, there is a big assurance that you will emerge a winner.

Also, due to the low scoring nature of the game, upsets occur, favoring those who bet on underdogs. By using the football betting tips available through the researches you have done, you can certainly increase your chances of winning more football bets.

To make your football bets more realistic, try to stick with single bets, and ensure you maximize the value you take from bookies. You can also look at other formats like football accumulators, but be mindful that if one team performs below par, your accumulation bet loses.


Just select who will win between the two boxers fighting each other and you win! You also have an option to bet on a fight that will result in a draw.

Though the sport’s popularity has waned over the past few decades, loyal betting fans still stick with the sport. As long as it is here to stay, boxing will still be on the list of online sports bettors.

Horse Racing

Horse racing presents online sports bettors with a winning alternative to football betting.

As you become more and more knowledgeable in this sport, you will find it easier to predict results and making money from your bets.

Following tipsters’ choices can also lead you to the paying windows or stations.

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Tennis has never lost its appeal due to the likes of top players like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer,  Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, and Maria Sharapova to name a few.

Placing bets on these players in the early stages of a tournament will be some of the easiest bets to make. If you want to win big, you need to wager big money.

Take note that it is important to place big bets in tennis betting because the odds are relatively low. The odds are considerably made low by the bookmakers because of the certainty of many of the outcomes of the games.

The absence of the draw makes tennis makes it easy to bet in tennis. Simply choose which among the two competing players will win.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

The thrill and excitement in this fast-growing sport is infectious. Anything can happen inside the cage known as the “Octagon.”

Like in boxing, there are three ways to make bets: a win for the fighter in the red corner, a win for the fighter in the blue corner, and a draw.


Betting on golf is easy as you will have to choose who will win a particular tournament (US Open, US Masters, British Open, etc.) or what player (Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson, etc.) ends up with the most titles in a season.


Cricket betting is likewise easy. If your are not familiar with the sport, do some research and place your bets based on your findings.

There are some favorites teams in cricket, and more often than not, these teams always come out on top whenever they play. But keep in mind that like any other sports, upsets are also pulled off in cricket.

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