Horse Racing in Singapore

Horse racing is a huge sport in Singapore, however, only a few know about its significance in the culture of the city-state. 

In this article, we will explore the origin of horse racing in Singapore as well as the sole authority that are providing legal horse race gambling services in the country. 

Brief history

Singapore was colonized by British forces in 1867, and they brought a few pieces of their culture to the colony. Among these practices is horse racing which eventually will be the most popular sport in the country.

The equestrian sport quickly integrated well into the culture of Singapore long before they were established as an independent state. The activity grew like wildfire and became a national pastime.

The very first horse race event in the country was held in 1843. Back then, racetracks were not as polished and safe as we have today. Nowadays, horse racing remains a beloved sport in Singapore and the other gambling activity that is deemed legal in the country along with the state lottery. You can also watch singapore horse racing live today in the comfort of your home.

The location where the first race took place was now named Race Course Road, this place is now a busy road located in Little India where restaurants that are selling fish head curry are also located. Meanwhile, the Turf Club Road is where the Singapore Turf Club initially resided but now relocated to Kranji Racecourse in 1999.

Singapore Turf Club

The Singapore Turf Club is the only sporting club in Singapore that is exclusive to horse racing where it was previously called the Singapore Sporting Club. The horse racing authority was founded in 1842 and until today, it was the only legal gambling association that are presiding over the sport.

From its original location at Turf Club Road, the club relocated to Singapore Racecourse in Kranji. The president of Singapore at that time, S. R. Nathan, officially inaugurated the new facility as the Singapore Racecourse.

The Singapore Racecourse

The Singapore Racecourse is a modern racetrack that was located in northern Singapore. The new racetrack was designed with an aim to surpass the quality of racetracks from nations such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. 

One of the well-renowned structures in the racetrack is the Grandstand which could hold an audience of 30,000. The Singapore Racecourse has three parts—a Long Course track, a Short Course track, and a Polytrack. The latter was constructed with wax-coated fibers, silica sand, and rubber pieces.

Important horse races

Almost 30 featured horse racing events are held at Kranji annually. Among the popular horse races on the racetrack is the Kranji Mile. The thoroughbred horse race was founded in 2000 and it is held annually at the Singapore Turf Club.

Another important horse race competition in Singapore is the Singapore Gold Cup. Just like the Kranji Mile, the horserace was held once a year every November. The two-kilometer race was being participated by three-year-old horses and other locally-owned horses.

The Raffles Cup is a horse race event that is a part of a bigger race called the Singapore Triple Crown. Domestic horses that are capable of competing are allowed in the 1800-meter horse race. Ever since the establishment of the race, a lot of audiences from Singapore and foreign countries have been looking forward to watching the event at singapore horse racing live today.

Final thoughts

Singapore only has two legal gambling activities—state lottery and horserace betting. While the country is still yet to change its policies about gambling, horserace betting is already thriving in Lion City. We hope that what we imparted today inspired you to be interested in horse racing culture in Singapore.

Watch singapore horse racing live today now and get a chance to boost your horse racing odds to win exciting prizes! 

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