The City of Buenos Aires Has Seen the Launch of a New Offer From Grupo Slots and GiG

Grupo Slots’ new online sportsbook and casino royale in Buenos Aires will be powered by Gaming Innovation Group or simply GiG. LOTBA, the city’s gaming regulator, approved GiG and Grupo Slots last March just after two parties committed to collaboration in November of last year, and this comes as a result.

There are many new businesses opening in Buenos Aires in the near future. Last week, Grupo Slots, an Argentine gambling company, was able to open its online sports wagering platform in the area, bringing additional entertainment options to local inhabitants.

As of the current moment, the city of Buenos Aires is Argentina’s most promising market.

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About Grupo Slots, the online gaming platform owned by Grupo Slots, is based in San Luis province, Argentina, and it provides a wide range of entertainment options, from casino hotels to bingo halls.

Group Slots announced the partnership with GiG, which comprises their renowned iGaming platform, unique sportsbook, and front-end development, as well as CMS and GiG Logic’s information platform & logic engine.

It’s a big step forward for GiG, which now has a licensed iGaming Platform in Argentina and the city of Buenos Aires, indicating a strong foothold in controlled Latin America (LatAm).

Regulation of gambling is in the hands of the provinces and the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. On the 8th of April, 2021, Grupo Slots and GiG got one of only seven licenses authorized to develop an online gambling platform in Buenos Aires.

It has been a long time coming

As a result of using GiG’s front-end framework, the new online casino Singapore sites and sportsbooks have been designed with a unique appearance and feel. It is powered by GiG, a company that is also entering Argentina’s gaming business, which would be in the midst of being regulated in several regions across the country.

The City of Buenos Aires has already been attracting operators and supplies while the rest of the country is debating the nitty-gritty. Although GiG and Grupo Slots were given the go-light to launch in March, they have only just started operating.

Jugadon consumers benefit from a flawless experience throughout their time on the site thanks to GiG’s specific and unique approach and specific technological architecture.

According to the group, GiG’s front-end competence results in a smooth online player experience, similar to what many MBS casino sites offer their customers. Richard Brown, CEO of GiG, spoke about the company’s cooperation with Grupo Slots, a company that GiG considers to be one of the best in the industry.

With their early entry into the industry, Brown and GiG remain confident that they can continue to grow and expand their business., which has more than 20 locations across the country, is a tremendous asset as well.

Smooth-sailing development

It was a joyous day for Grupo Slots’ chief manager Juan Ignacio Torres, who referred to the introduction of Jugadon in the City of Buenos Aires as a “historic milestone.” According to Torres, they have formed a strong team with GiG, which has resulted in an excellent Singapore casino product that fulfills regulatory and market standards in Argentina.

In November, Grupo Slots and GiG struck a collaboration agreement that has since been expanded upon. Grupo Slots requested a fully online solution from GiG in anticipation of fresh launches in regulated iGaming areas, and GiG agreed to offer it.

Companies such as GiG and Grupo Slots have lately arrived in Buenos Aires following the approval from LOTBA. In addition to Codere Online, Pragmatic Play expanded its LatAm presence, delivering many slots titles to gamers in the capital city of Santiago.

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