What to Expect in Euro 2021?

What could have been a thrilling summer experience has been ceased due to the noble coronavirus. Many events such as major sports leagues and tournaments have all been postponed and moved to a much later date. This has greatly affected not only the fans, but many online sports betting fans, too.

The Euro 2020

To say that everyone is excited for Euro 2020 is an understatement. Sadly, the hype and anticipation have been halted as it has to be pushed a little bit later. Euro 2020 is now set for the year 2021. This means fans and bettors have to look into it a year later to get to see all the action and live football results for themselves.

All the football leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A have all been pushed back at a much later date. All games are slated for a crunch, squeezing as many games as they can even before the next Euro championship.

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Now that we have entered the new year, many people are still speculating what we should expect in Euro 2021 and how everything would turn out. There are plenty of questions that online football fans are eager for answers to.

Let’s discuss all of the lingering questions that remain a mystery to many about Euro 2021.

Where will Euro 2021 take place?

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the following cities have been re-confirmed to host the Euro 2021:

  • Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Johan Cruijff Arena
  • Baku (Azerbaijan) – Baku Olympic Stadium
  • Bilbao (Spain) – San Mamés Stadium
  • Bucharest (Romania) – National Arena Bucharest
  • Budapest (Hungary) – Pukás Arena
  • Copenhagen (Denmark) – Parken Stadium
  • Dublin (Ireland) – Dublin Arena
  • Glasgow (Scotland) – Wembley Stadium
  • Munich (Germany) – Football Arena Munich
  • Rome (Italy) – Olimpico in Rome
  • Saint Petersburg (Russia) – Saint Petersburg Stadium

Wembley was initially chosen to host Euro 2020 and would likely be the host for Euro 2021 still at the Wembley Stadium. It was announced that the tournament would take place in about the same period as what they did previously with Euro 2020.

The Champions League 2020-21 is now held in St. Petersburg, Russia to prevent any conflicts with Euro 2021. On the other hand, the Premier League 2020-21 was meant to be held last August 8 which already disrupted the Champions League group stages.

When will Euro 2021 be?

As sports betting fan, one of the most frequently asked questions is when will it be. What the UEFA European championship confirmed is that the play-offs for Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and Scotland were all slated for October and November. Let’s take a closer look at the fixtures below:

October 8: Play-off Semi-finals

P. A: Iceland vs Romania, Bulgaria vs Hungary

P. B: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Northern Ireland, Slovakia vs the Republic of Ireland

P. C: Scotland vs Israel, Norway vs Serbia

P. D: Georgia vs Belarus, North Macedonia vs Kosovo

November 12: Play-off Finals

P. A: Bulgaria/Hungary vs Iceland/Romania

P. B: Bosnia and Herzegovina/Northern Ireland vs Slovakia/Republic of Ireland

P. C: Norway/Serbia vs Scotland/Israel

P. D: Georgia/Belarus vs North Macedonia/Kosovo

Early forecasts show that England will most likely start the campaign this coming June 11. Later on, the 14th of the same month will be the match between Croatia and Wembley.

Additionally, part of the forecast is that the Three Lions will have the advantage. They are slated next for June 18 against whoever will win the play-off of Path C. On June 22, the final group for England will be facing the Czech Republic.

Reminders for Euro 2020 ticket-holders

The committee also confirmed that existing ticket holders can have a full refund should they miss attending Euro 2021. Although, UEFA is still expecting that the pandemic would have already dwindled or under complete control.

Further information about the refund process can be found on their website. Emails will also be rolled-out to ticket buyers.

What you can look forward to in Euro 2021

You can expect that Euro 2021 will remain to be one of soccer’s biggest spectacles this year. Travel packages and many online gambling Singapore bookmakers like Solarbet are still rampant and eager to sell the experience of such a celebration.

While you can definitely catch all the football action online, nothing beats the actual experience. Lucky for those who seek some first-hand action, there are still a handful of travel transportations and accommodations are available should you wish to book them.

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