The hugely popular card games of baccarat and blackjack have not lost their charismatic appeal to gamblers.

Others are dedicated fans of either one and others dig the same for some reason.

Their constant growth has continued through the years and expanded to online casinos much to the delight of online gaming enthusiasts.

Setting aside the issues of their different mechanisms and preferences, we arrive at the question: Which one of them offer better winning odds? Read on.

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  • Blackjack requires decision making and some knowledge of basic strategy, whilst baccarat is a “bet and forgets’’ game where your only decision is how much to bet.

  • In baccarat, you simply decide when to bet on the player, banker, or a tie. In blackjack, you have to work for that house edge by learning basic strategy and making the right decision.

  • To minimize your risk in baccarat, avoid betting on a tie. Bet on the player or banker where odds are 1.17% and 1.36% against you, respectively.

  • Results in baccarat are random. Statistics show that the player’s hands win in 44.62% of the cases and the banker’s hand loses 45.68%. Ties come out with a probability of 9.53% and payouts on these bets are very high: 8 to 1. Keep in mind that the house edge on these bets is huge: over 14%.

  • In blackjack, outcomes of each player’s hand are often determined by whether one or more players hit one or more cards until they stand or bust.

There are three safe zones, aside from the main desired outcome, that you beat the dealer’s hand: 1. Your hand results in 21 made up of the first two cards (10 and Ace) where the payoff is 3 to 2 (unless the dealer also scores a blackjack; 2. The cards you stay with match a score the dealer ends up with, “stand-off’’ thus your bet is returned. The range is from 17 to 21 (21 made up of three or more cards). With a total of 16 or less, the dealer must draw another card. But he must stand on 17 or over. But he can also draw additional cards in case a soft 17 occurs; 3. The dealer busts whatever the total score of your stay hand you win.

Other possibilities are: you bust (your hand exceeds 21), the score of the dealer’s hand beats your hand and the score of your hand beats the dealer’s hand.

–There are many variants of blackjack and each has different odds and probabilities. Every decision you make in blackjack impacts the house edge. You should know when to hit and stand to boost your odds.

–In the most common version of blackjack, the house edge ranges from 0.5% to 1% depending on the different rules and circumstances that can increase or decrease the house edge.

In casino blackjack games, the minimum stakes are lower. In online casinos, you can play baccarat for much less

— In blackjack, the basic chances of you winning, losing, or drawing are 42.22% winning, 49.10% losing, and 8.48% drawing.

–In baccarat, you can omit your calculated decision by allowing the toss of a coin to decide for you which is perfect for online betting, and stand a better chance of winning.

Blackjack features plenty of variable rules such as: on some tables, you will receive 3:2 payout for a natural blackjack, on others you collect only 6:5 payout (increases the house edge by 1.39%; some games offer a single deck and, other tables can feature four, six or eight decks – the latter increases the house edge by 0.59% compared to the single-deck version.


In choosing which one is better to play with, blackjack or baccarat, simply fall down to one’s personal opinion.

The best way to do is to try playing both of them online to determine which one suits you better. Ultimately, you may come up with the idea of appreciating both games.

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