The World of Sports Betting in Singapore

In different countries, the style of sports betting also differs. There are specific sports that are the main attraction of every country. In this article, we will take a closer look at what online gambling in Singapore looks like.

Sports betting in Singapore is very popular. They love sports and anything that relates to gambling. They also love casino table games. The reason why gambling in Singapore is popular is because of its legality.

Yes, Gambling in Singapore is legal. In most countries in Asia, Singapore is one of the countries in which casinos are one of their tourist attractions. In relation to this, sports betting and online sports betting has been a widely loved kind of entertainment by Singaporean people.

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Their love for sports and gambling is amazing which attracts different foreign bookies to offer their service to them. Although there are domestic operators in the country, some prefer to gamble using foreign bookies.

The laws of gambling in Singapore

Just like in every country there are protocols and rules to be followed in order to have a disciplined and organized form of betting.

In Singapore, there are a few gambling laws in which toggle sports betting. The Common Gambling Act and the Betting Act of 2004 are among the laws of Singapore.

The laws however are good for the country, the players, and bookies that operate in Singapore. Unlike in Thailand where gambling is very much illegal, despite the number of bookies in their country, they still don’t have a proper and organized form of gambling except horse racing.

Online gambling in Singapore

Just like any other country near Europe, you know which sports they love. Football is loved by many Singaporean people. They bet in almost every popular league like the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italy Serie A and B, France Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, and UEFA Champions League.

During the offseason of each league they would switch to Asian football like the Japanese league (J-league) and Chinese Super League.

Another famous sport in Singapore is basketball. This is much like because Basketball is one of the major sports in the world alongside, football, volleyball, and American football. The third favorite of the Singaporean people is Tennis.

Now the uncommon sports in the world that they love to place their bet on are racing. It doesn’t matter what form of racing it is. It can be horse racing, motor racing, Circuit, or formula 1.

Foreign or domestic bookies?

There are many online bookies available in the world today. Some people will say that if you want your country to strive you should prioritize their services and products first before foreign products.

But in this case, Foreign bookies have more Singaporeans placing their bet on their sportsbook. The reason behind this is the quality of sports and odds that they offer. Domestic bookies offer fewer sports betting categories rather than foreign bookies with complete packages.

If you are a professional sports bettor and a football enthusiast, you will find domestic bookies look like a tiny piece of grain in the big platter of foreign bookies.

Another factor why they choose foreign bookies is the bonuses that they offer.


As you can see, the industry of sports betting, and online sports betting in Singapore is very much alive. The number of gamblers and registered accounts in online bookies is good proof of this.

It is very sad that foreign bookies are being used more than their domestic sportsbook. But if these domestic operators want to win the hearts of their people, they would need to cope up and upgrade to the level of quality that foreign bookies offer.

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