Singapore Is Considering Legalizing Certain Types of Social Gaming

Singapore’s government has reportedly proposed a set of legislative reforms that would legalize some forms of social gaming while placing restrictions on ‘loot boxes’ and other prize-based rewards in video games. To them, these kinds of games are no different than baccarat or any other card games you’ll find in a gambling facility.

According to many legitimate sources, the proposals from the city-state’s Ministry of Home Affairs (HMA) would amend current prohibitions to make social gaming among friends and family officially legal.

These adjustments, according to the source, will now be put up for public comment. However, they will not apply to online activities with a bigger player pool such as the ones found in sites like Solarbet.

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What they aim to achieve

Singapore has a population of approximately 5.7 million people, and the government is said to be interested in revising its gaming regulations to ensure that they remain effective in the face of constantly changing products and business models.

The MHA also wishes to increase the penalty for repeat offenders who assist or operate illegal gambling services, as well as to broaden the definition of gambling to include new products. They claim that they will amend the legislation later this year to ensure that Singapore’s laws and regulations remain effective in the face of business models and changing gaming goods.

The ideas would also allegedly impose a $74 limit on the value of prizes that can be supplied through ‘loot boxes,’ land-based claw machines, arcade, and online games without increasing the regulatory burden on operators.

Implementing and taking control

According to MHA, the number of people arrested for unlawful gambling operations remained steady from 2011 to 2020, indicating that gambling-related offenses are still rare. Problem gambling is also under control, according to the report, which cites surveys showing that problem and uninhibited gambling rates have stayed consistent at roughly 1%.

In a statement, the MHA stated that they will continue to enjoy these positive effects while ensuring that their rules and regulations are capable of addressing these changes in the casino Singapore market.

They claim to understand that gambling among family and friends in the home is socially accepted among many Singaporeans and does not constitute a significant threat to law and order. As a result, they propose exempting physical social gaming among family and friends if certain conditions are met to prevent illegal abuse.

As a result, social gambling among family and friends will be officially permitted by law. They promise to take stern action against syndicates that take advantage of the exemption to engage in unlawful activities such as illegal football betting.

Provisions and obligations

According to reports, the planned modifications from the Ministry of Home Affairs are also part of a larger push to establish a statewide technology-neutral definition of gambling that would encompass activities involving emerging technologies.

The government agency allegedly cited its integrated resorts concept, which resulted in the launch of the jurisdiction’s Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands facilities in 2010, as an example of its tough yet realistic approach to such regulation.

According to reports, the proposed legislation also intends to increase the penalties for repeat offenders who enable illegal gambling services like illegitimate blackjack operators.

However, the agency allegedly announced at the same time that such sanctions would be reduced for users of illicit gambling services, claiming that it wanted to focus its enforcement efforts on illegal gaming agents and operators.

They recently stated that outlawing all kinds of gambling is not possible nor desirable, since it would drive the industry underground and produce further law-and-order difficulties. Instead, some gaming operations are licensed or exempted, with strong safeguards in place.

Our gambling rules aim to ensure law and order while also minimizing the social harms caused by problem gaming.

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