Is Online Lottery Safe in Singapore?

Online betting or remote gambling is known as any form of betting in which individuals participate via any means of remote communication such as using the internet. These types of gambling are being done using personal devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets or desktop. 

Lottery is a gambling form that is considered as legal in Singapore just like horserace betting. Although, this form of betting is still subject under the gambling laws of Singapore and is also being monitored especially online lotteries like 4D result.

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The legality of online lotteries

Online lotteries are operating under the Remote Gambling Act of Singapore. According to the section 8 of the RGA, any individuals who are betting with a use of a remote communication device or using a remote gambling platform shall be deemed guilty of an offense.

Whether the betting activity was done by a single person or a group of individuals, or whether the person participates directly or indirectly with the gambling activity, he or she is still violating the betting law.

Gambling services under online lottery

According to the RGA, there are many gambling services that are considered under the online gambling. Activities such as conducting a public lottery, furnishing public lottery tickets, placing, generating or taking bets, conducting or organizing a game of chance in which the prize is monetary.

When it comes to online lottery, it is only deemed legal if it is done via a gambling operator that is authorized by the government. As of now, only Singapore Turf Club for horserace betting and Singapore Pools for lottery are granted license to operate under the RGA. 

There is a petition happening right now that asks the inclusion of other operators to the accredited gambling providers. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that any punters should only play via the aforementioned gambling operators for now.

Punishments for illegal online lottery

In the event that you participated or operated remote gambling, a financial institution is given authority to block or hinder any kind of transaction or fund transfer to you. You can also be arrested anytime without a warrant. 

In case you are found guilty of violating any sections in the RGA, you will be forced to pay a fine worth of S$5,000, or you could be locked away with a term of six months. 

Tips on gambling legally online 

To avoid violating the RGA or any gambling laws in Singapore, you have to follow certain tips.

First, you must ensure that you avoid gambling in any public space or regular gambling establishment where most gambling activities are being placed. Also, bet only with a trusted group of individuals or friends and avoid adding other people in this group. By inviting a stranger, you will be subjected to violations on the public lottery. 

Second, place only a small amount of bet or buy a ticket that you are sure that will not attract any attention. In case you are caught, this will help the authorities to acknowledge that you are only participating in a social activity and not operating gambling den.

Lastly, you need to bet only in licensed gambling operators such as Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club. When in doubt, these gambling operators can save you from committing a crime because these platforms are legal and accredited by the government of Singapore.

Final thoughts

Singapore is one of the countries in Asia that have a regulated gambling industry. The nation has strong gambling laws that are being enforced throughout the island. As a punter, it is best to stay on the legal side of things to avoid any form of law violations.

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