How Do I Bet on Horse Racing in Singapore?

Horse racing is one of the two betting forms that are deemed legal in Singapore, the other one is a lottery. Since the inception of Singapore, gambling was banned throughout the state due to the dominance of illegal gambling at that time. 

Nowadays, horse racing is one of the consistent source of lucrative prizes in Singapore along with the lottery. In this article, we will be talking about the nature of Singapore horse racing.  

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Is horse racing popular in Singapore?

Ever since the Kranji Race Track was built in Singapore in March 2000, it has cemented the reputation of Singapore to be the epicenter of horse racing activity in Asia. The Singapore Turf Club was established to preside over all of the matters related to horseracing such as venues and organizing the events. 

The popularity of horse racing in Singapore was boosted since the race track was established. Spectators and players even travel to Singapore from places like Australia and the United States due to the quality of the horse racing events in the country.

What does it cost to bet on horses?

Horserace betting is a form of gambling that allows punters to wager on racing events. One of the benefits of horseracing is that the cost of a single ticket is as cheap as the lottery. 

In Singapore horse race betting, the cost of a single ticket is $5. However, this price is only for the Win and Place bet types. 

If you wish to place your wager on Place Forecast, Trio, Forecast, Tierce, and Quartet, the cost of a single ticket is $2. 

Singapore Pools, the only betting platform in Singapore offers a comprehensive list of horse betting racing events in the country as well as in the places. You can watch the live race schedule as well as the updated results. 

Now that you know the cost of a single ticket on each of the bet types that is available on the site, all you have to do is to choose your bet type and the event that you are placing your bet into. 

How is horse racing done?

Horse racing is one of the popular equestrian sports that are available for sports gambling. Horse racing usually starts with the introduction of participating horses along with their respective jockeys that are kept in specific distance throughout the race.

The horses are sometimes tagged to distinguish which horse is getting ahead in the race. Meanwhile, the jockeys wear a specific combination of colors to know which stable they represent. 

Singapore Pools allow bettors to bet uncertain events whether it is live or online. Horseraces are covered live and can be watched on television or the internet. Then, bettors can see the updated odds on the sports event on the website of Singapore Pools. 

Bettors can place the wager on each horserace event that they want to bet on in real-time. They can choose which bet type they can use on their specific bet. 

Several types of bets are available on the site and they are tiered according to level of difficulty or the quality of odds. 

Direct Bets allows players to place their wager on horses that they think will win or the position of the horse in their finish. Meanwhile, Exotic Bets are difficult in the sense that the odds of winning them are very low. Exotic bets such as Trifecta make bettors place their bets based on the finishing of the horse as their exact place in the race. 

Horserace betting is a sports gambling discipline that allows bettors to place their wager on an exciting game. Claim your offers now and get the chance to win 3x your wager!

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