Highest Paying Casino Games

In the current times, there is a myriad of gambling games on Singapore betting sites that are designed to give punters a rare opportunity to win huge prizes. In reality, only a few games are capable of giving high payouts and progressive jackpots.

In this guide, you will learn the factors to consider that determine a high-paying game as well as the game categories that pay well. 

Factors to consider

Return to player (RTP)

The RTP percentage is the game metric that determines if a casino game has the potential of turning the number of stakes that they placed into a profit. The RTP could tell the amount that you could get over some time when you play that game. The higher the RTP of a game, the higher the percentage of the odds of your winning.

House advantage

In contrast to the RTP, the house advantage tells how much you can lose in a specific mobile casino Singapore game. Also known as the house edge, it is the percentage of how much profit the casino could receive in every wager that you place. 

High-paying casino games

Now that you are acquainted with the factors that you need to consider when choosing a gambling game, let’s get to know the category of games that are considered by many as high-paying. 


Slot machines have been known for their instant payouts and highly entertaining gameplay. In comparison to a lot of casino games on online betting sites, slots don’t require extensive effort or complex strategies to boost your winnings.

A lucrative variation of the game, progressive slots, are prized for their huge jackpot amounts that could rival the payouts of mega lotteries. 

In online slots, there are plenty of slot titles to choose from on the online casino Singapore site that is categorized into various themes such as mythical, futuristic, Asian, classic, etc. 


The gambling game that has captured the hearts of many online and land-based punters is blackjack. This card table game is known for its straightforward gameplay and low house edge. The latter means you have more chances of winning every time you engage in a blackjack table.

Additionally, the game is pretty easy to play which is a huge advantage for novice bettors who are looking for a profitable game in the casino that is easy to master in no time. Try a poker game at a live casino Singapore gaming platform.


Poker is a strategy-based casino game and only swearing by it means you will lose all the time. Gambling experts consider poker as a form of sport and many competitive tournaments that involve professional poker players are being held annually in various locations.

Poker requires an extensive mastery of skills in hand analysis and bluffing. Despite the complex rules of poker, the game is still beloved by many because of its ability to provide an instant reward to its punters.

Video Poker

Unlike the casino table game, video poker does not involve any table or dealers but is operating on a machine instead. Players are dealt with five cards and they have the option to exclude a card that they don’t need to make a winning hand. Video poker is a machine game that has the lowest house edge and high RTP.

Final thoughts

Not all casino punters aim to just be entertained, most of them are playing to earn real money. Now that you know which game category to choose from in the online casino site that is offering a high payout and beneficial gameplay, you can now sign up for an account at the best online casino Singapore site to test your luck. 

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