Betting on Esports in Singapore: Games and Tips for Success

Singapore is slowly becoming the melting pot of esports gaming activity and there are plenty of reasons why. Over the past few years, esports tournaments and esports gambling have become prevalent in the country. To the uninitiated, here is a short betting guide for new esports bettors.

What is esports?

Most of us are much more familiar with traditional sports like basketball, football, and tennis but what exactly is esports? 

Esports is the short form of the phrase “electronic sports,” which involves the competitive tournaments of professional gamers of video games. Esports could be a duel between individuals or teams that are competing for a grand prize. 

Esports players put their skills to the test by playing a specific video game against another individual or a team of professional gamers. Some of these competitions are also being held in Singapore. 

Meanwhile, esports fans who don’t compete in the event back their player or team on sportsbooks to win real money. This activity is called esports betting and it is popular in several online betting Singapore sites.

What are the popular games in esports?

Nowadays, there are plenty of esports games that you can put your stakes into at the Singapore online betting site. Here are the top esports games in Singapore you can splurge on.

Defense of the Ancients 2

The most popular multiplayer online combat arena (MOBA) game is Dota and its second offering is the subject of major esports competitions being held worldwide. However, the main tournament for Dota 2 is called “The International” which is being organized by Valve.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS: GO is a first-person shooter game where two competing teams work around a confined map. The competition for CS: GO is known formally as IEM Katowice Major. 

League of Legends

LOL is another MOBA game that bolstered its popularity these past few years. The company Riot Games presides over the competition that involves the franchise which is named “Loll World.”

How to win in esports betting?

Like its traditional counterpart, esports bettors need some guidance to boost their winning potential. Here are some of the tips and strategies you can follow to help you develop your esports betting skills.

Study the game

Before you choose an esports team in an online betting Singapore platform to bet on, you need to be sure that you are familiar with the virtual game. Study the rules and gameplay of the game as well as immerse yourself in the pieces of information about the industry.

Know the team and the players

While there are plenty of esports players and teams to bet on, choose only one at the time that you want to back on the sportsbook. Do extensive research on the background of these teams and individuals and check if they are worth your bet. 

Choose the best sportsbook

Another essential thing that you must do is choose a suitable online esports gambling platform for your activities. Not all sites are offering a reliable service or a profitable bonus so be careful with your decisions. Visit a review portal or a sportsbook ranking blog for inspiration.

Plan before the tournament

Despite choosing the right team and sportsbook, you will lose all the time if you don’t have a solid plan for your esports bets. Make a solid plan for your budget and strategies before you engage in esports betting.


Nowadays, there is a myriad of online casinos in Singapore that are offering esports betting. We hope that this guide has enlightened you about the basics of esports gambling in Singapore betting sites. Try your luck now by registering and claim your online betting singapore free credit from us.

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