European Super League: UEFA Ends Legal Fight Against Barcelona, Juventus & Real Madrid

UEFA has finally dropped its legal pursuit against the football clubs Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid. The trio were the only remaining clubs who were still pursuing the proposed breakaway league European Super League. 

Super League

The proposed league had met public backlash with its intention to replace the Champions League which had long been established as a Pan-European competition for top clubs from each domestic league.

The three clubs were a part of the 12 “founding” clubs of the Super League, which later collapsed due to the negative reception it received from fans, other clubs, and the UEFA. 

The trio who have remained loyal to the project were being scrutinized for the possible violation of UEFA’s legal structure. 

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Court Ruling

The UEFA has stated that the proceedings are now being considered void.

According to the statement, “The UEFA Appeals Body has declared today the proceedings null and void.”

The decision to revoke the pursuit came after the court ruling in Madrid court stating that UEFA has no right to penalize the three rebel clubs. 

UEFA also stated that it will not collect the penalties that were agreed upon with the other breakaway clubs that founded the maligned league. 

The clubs who backed out were Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham, Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid, and AC Milan. The six clubs from the UK have agreed to have a collective payment of 22 million pounds in June.

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A court in Madrid has sided with Juventus, Real, and Barca which ruled in April that the UEFA has no legal right to take any legal action against the Super League due it interpretation as a violation of the European free trade laws.

The case has now been submitted to the much higher European Court of Justice, and it is now in the matter of their hands to rule over whether the European football association has the right of pursuit. 

While that case continues, UEFA has answered back to a demand of a judge in Madrid about the suspension of the disciplinary action against the three rebel clubs by revealing that they decided that they will no longer pursue the clubs legally.

UEFA said in an official statement that it will no longer request any payment from the clubs as long as the court proceedings in Madrid are rolling.

The official statement reads, “UEFA maintains its view that it has always acted in accordance with not only its statutes and regulations but also with EU law, the European Convention on Human Rights, and Swiss law in connection with the so-called Super League project. UEFA remains confident in and will continue to defend its position in all the relevant jurisdictions.”

“UEFA will continue to take all necessary steps, in strict accordance with national and EU law, in order to defend the interests of UEFA and of all football stakeholders,” they added.

Appeal for the removal of the Madrid judge

UEFA previously filed an appeal to remove judge Manuel Ruiz de Lara in the case because they think there are irregularities in the proceedings.

The statement reads, “UEFA has filed a motion for the recusal of the judge presiding over the current proceedings as it believes there are significant irregularities in these proceedings.”

“In line with Spanish law and in the fundamental interests of justice UEFA fully expects the judge in question to immediately stand aside pending the full and proper consideration of this motion. Further, UEFA shall also be making a formal appeal to a higher court, the Provincial Court of Madrid (Court of Appeal).”


When the legal proceedings are ended, UEFA still has an option to take disciplinary action against the three remaining clubs. They can also ask the nine BBC football clubs who have renounced from the Super League for the agreed 22 million pound payment.

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