Euro 2020: Quarterfinals

Expectations are running very high for all of the teams that made it to the quarterfinals. Everyone is excited, to say the least. Every football fan and hardcore sports betting fan is hyped for these match-ups. Let’s get a bit more in-depth about what you can expect in the 2020 Euro Quarterfinals.

Round of 16 recap

The 16th round of the Euro 2020 is nearly over and three of the four quarter-final match-ups have all been decided. Both Italy and Denmark secured the qualification last Saturday with Belgium and the Czech Republic following them the following day, Sunday. Meanwhile, Switzerland and Spain have made it through on Monday.

The Netherlands was stunned by the Czech Republic with a score of 2-0 last Sunday evening, while Belgium earned a 1-0 win against the reigning European champions Portugal, ultimately gaining their slot to the quarterfinals of Euros.

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Spain spent an extra time against Croatia but still managed to end up winning with a 5-3 score. France made an impressive play with two goals advantage all throughout, however, Switzerland still managed to score two during the last nine minutes of play, and won because of penalties.

England won over Germany with a 2-0 score, earning them a spot in the quarterfinals. The match took place at the Wembley Stadium in London. Online betting fans know that it’s not England’s first victory against Germany as they were also able to win back in 2001.

Lastly, Ukraine has managed to beat Sweden with a 2-1 final score in extra time. Their dream carries on in the Euro 2020 points toward the fact that they are very much eager to win their first-ever quarterfinals in the European football tournament. They will now be facing England.

Catch the Euro 2020 Quarterfinals!

Now that Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, England, Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Denmark have made it to the quarterfinals, many online gambling fans may be wondering when the next game will be. All of the quarterfinal matches have been decided, now it’s time to know the schedules!

The first Quarterfinal match is between Switzerland and Spain. It will take place on July 2, Friday at 9:30 PM IST, in St Petersburg. On July 3, Saturday, the first quarterfinal match is between Italy and Belgium which will be held in Munich at 12:30 AM IST.

Denmark and the Czech Republic will face-off in the third quarterfinals match, held in Baku on the same day, July 2, Saturday, later that evening at 9:30 PM IST. Lastly, the final quarterfinals match is between England and Ukraine. Happening on July 4, Sunday at 12:30 AM IST, in Rome.

To quickly summarize, the quarter finals are happening starting this 2nd of July, Friday, all the way through 4th of July, Sunday. The schedule is as follows.

July 2 – Friday

QF1: Spain vs Switzerland (9:30 PM IST, St Petersburg)

July 3 – Saturday

QF2: Italy vs Belgium (12:30 AM IST, Munich)

QF3: Denmark vs Czech Republic (9:30 PM IST, Baku)

July 4 – Sunday

QF4: England vs Ukraine (12:30 AM IST, Rome)

Euro 2020 Semifinals

While it is still early to call out your predictions, you’d better head over to your favorite online casino in Singapore bookie to see all the betting odds you can find. You are never too early in placing all our football betting bets.

In any case, the schedule for the Euro 2020 Semifinals starts on the 7th of July, Tuesday in London. The Winner of quarterfinals 1 (QF1) will have to go against the winner of quarterfinals 2 (QF2). On the 8th of July, Wednesday, the QF3 winner will have to face the QF4 winner.

And finally, July 12, Sunday, will have the Semifinals 1 winner (SF1) with the Semifinals 2 winner (SF2) for the Euro 2020 Finals.

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