An Introduction to Online Slots for Newbies in Singapore

Southeast Asia is now the new hub of online slot games, and it is evident in the thousands of themed slot games that are being offered in the Asian online casinos in Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, and other betting nations.

Despite the huge popularity of online slots in Asia, a lot of punters are still scratching their heads when it comes to the basic gameplay of slot games. In this short guide, we will be providing you with the basics of slot games as well as tips on how to boost your odds of winning.

Types of Slots

The slot comes in a lot of shapes and sizes, which means that one slot game is not the same as another. However, despite the variety of online slots Singapore, they are all categorized according to types. To give you an idea, we will be comparing the two main types of slots

Classic Slots

Classic slots, as the name suggests are slots that are based on the original design when it was first introduced in the Las Vegas casinos. 

These type of slots usually has a retro look, emulating the baggy elements of slot machines. The most common elements are the basic 3×3 grid layout, fruity symbols, flashy geometric shapes, and playing card symbols.

Video Slots

While classic slots are known to emulate the slot machine in Las Vegas, video slots on the other hand are very progressive. Instead of the use of a lever and retro design, video slots usually has an electronic screen with modern graphic animations of spinning reels with colorful designs.

Slot Game Themes

Nowadays, it is very common for video slots to have a variety of themes. Due to the flexibility of slots, they could be customised to fit a certain theme or backstory.

Slot themes are varied but the most common are Ancient Egypt, animals, Greek deities, aquatic adventure, treasure hunt, and a whole lot more. You will revel in the variety of slot game titles nowadays, and you can try them for free on a lot of betting sites. 

Tips for Playing Slots

Slots are a casino game that relies heavily on the elusiveness of luck. The random number generators in slot games enable the game to be unpredictable, hence knowing when you will win could not be determined. However, you can employ certain strategies to boost your chances of winning, and here they are.

First, you need to choose carefully the type of slots that you will play for a long time. High volatility slots allow players to win huge payouts though it is quite rare. Conversely, low volatility slots offer consistent payouts but only in low amounts.

Secondly, you should avoid playing progressive slots at all costs. These types of slots are designed to drain your bankroll because it is quite difficult for players to win in them. Also, players are required to pay an extra fee along with their stakes.

Lastly, to break even in slots gaming, you have to be smart in managing your bankroll. You can effectively do this by setting a betting limit every time you will play a slot game. This will extend your hours of gaming because you have more bets to place.

Slots are the most popular gambling game in Asia because they can offer huge payouts and high entertainment value. There will never be a shortage of slot game titles to play on Asian betting sites because they are available everywhere. Asia is now indeed the new epicenter of online gambling Singapore activity and it is evident in the abundance of games that are being offered nowadays.

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