Which Lottery Is Best in Singapore?

The state lottery in Singapore is considered by many as the best in Asia because it is well-organized, centralized and has lucrative jackpot prizes. Many Asian nations get behind the innovative online lotteries of Singapore.

Despite having a strict gambling law that makes other forms of gambling prohibited, the lotteries are legal in Singapore and this industry is thriving. 

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In other countries, lotteries, or other forms of gambling that operate under a random selection of number combinations are considered legal. However, in Singapore, individuals are only allowed to buy a ticket from a  licensed gambling operator such as Singapore Pools.

As of now, there are three core lotteries being drawn in Singapore every week. Each one has its own unique characteristics, benefits and purposes. These lotteries are 4D lottery, Toto and Singaporean Sweep. 

4D Lottery

Four Digits or 4D, is a lottery in Singapore that is only available in Singapore Pools. The game is being drawn every week. The outcome of the jackpot draw is revealed every Saturday, Wednesday, and Sunday at 6:30pm (SGT).

As the name suggests, players are allowed to choose any combination of four numbers in between 0000 to 9999. In order to play 4D, punters must buy a ticket with a minimum price of $1. From the five price categories, 23 digits will be pooled and the player must stand by if his number reflects any of the 23 winning combinations.

Toto Gaming

The TOTO lottery on the other hand is a much older form of lottery in Singapore. It was first established in 1968 and was operated by Singapore Pools, the only legal gambling operator in the country. Since 2015, it has been hailed as the second most popular form of lottery in Singapore next to 4D Gaming. 

The results for Toto Gaming are revealed every Thursday and Monday at 6:30pm (SGT). Unlike the other two types of lottery in Singapore, the purpose of the funds accumulated from the sales lottery tickets are used in charity works or building infrastructures.

In Toto, players must choose at least six numbers in between 1 to 49. In each draw, six numbers are being elected and an additional number called Toto is added to the winning combinations.

Big Sweep

The third main form of lottery in Singapore is Big Sweep, which was also established by Singapore Pools in 1969. Unlike the other two, the Big Sweep is only drawn on every first Wednesday of each month. The price for the ticket of this form of lottery is $3 and you can buy any ticket in any SG Pools outlets nationwide. 

In every Singapore Sweep draw, a total of 19 seven-digit number combinations are being pooled to determine the winners. This means that if it happens that the number in your ticket matches one of the announced 19 combinations, you will win a total of $1,000. 

The prize for Big Sweep can go up to $2.3 million depending on the favorable circumstances. Also, any player who matched the last two numbers in any of the combinations will win $6, which is not that bad. Singapore Sweep may be on the pricier side and only drawn once a month but it offers huge odds of winning.

Final words

In Singapore, there are three main forms of lottery and each one is unique because they operate differently and all offer huge and exciting prizes.

To answer the question in the title, we think that among the three forms of lottery, the best one is 4D Gaming. Not only that it is hugely popular in the country but also the game is easy to play with only 4 numbers required to be selected. Additionally, the draws are being done thrice a week compared to the other two. 

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