What is the Red Seven System in Blackjack?

In the exciting world of live casino Singapore, blackjack holds a special place. Several card-counting systems have been designed by players to give themselves an edge in this well-liked game.

While they may differ to some extent in terms of assigned point values, they share a common goal: to provide players with the knowledge to make better decisions and bets. Moreover, some of those systems claim to have superior variants, updated over the years to give players an even better edge. 

Online casinos provide players with an opportunity to try their skills in card counting. This is a very complex skill for experienced players. However, today, there are simplified systems that can help even beginners count cards in real-money blackjack games

The latter does not require knowledge of advanced math but rather focuses on making counting easier. This is why many players opt for the Red Seven system.

This type of system also allows a player to gain an advantage over a casino, which is why it has become so popular.

How Did This System Begin?

The exact origins of the Red Seven system aren’t fully documented, but it’s widely credited to blackjack author Arnold Snyder. The system was first introduced in Snyder’s 1983 publication, a blackjack guide called “Blackbelt in Blackjack.” The model is considered to be one of the simplest card-counting systems. 

The Red Seven system is a level 1 counting system, and it is also unbalanced. This feature means that it provides assigned values to all the cards and, at the same time, does not consider the number of decks, which significantly simplifies its use.

Assigned Card Values 

The Red Seven system keeps track of low cards (2–6) and ignores most of the deck. Here is how it assigns values: 

  • Low Cards (2-6): +1
  • High Cards (10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces): -1
  • 7s: Here is where it gets interesting. The red seven system pays attention only to the red sevens. They are given a value of +1, while the black sevens are ignored (value of 0). 

With the help of this information, a player can determine whether or not the deck is rich in low cards, which is favorable for him, or high cards, which would be more favorable for the dealer. This knowledge allows you to decide whether to change your bet or playing strategy at Singapore live casino.

The Idea of the Red Seven System 

The Red Seven system is a basic counting system for blackjack (because it is a level 1 counting system). However, this system is unbalanced, and the count does not stop at zero when all the cards are counted. To address this, you must start with a negative count, depending on the number of decks. 

If we are talking only about one deck, then we will need a minus two. If there are more decks, then, in this case, it will be necessary to multiply the number of decks by two and take this value as a negative starting count. 

The basic idea is to track the cards and change the bet size based on the current count. When the count is positive, the player wins, and he should place a higher bet in this case. When the count is higher, the probability of winning is high.


The Red Seven card counting system is a simple and practical way to count cards that is appropriate for beginners. Although there are more complex systems, it may sometimes be hard to apply them in a casino, where many different factors should be taken into account. 

Thus, selecting a separate but simpler approach may help the new players keep focusing on the important aspects of the game and improving their blackjack skills. After all, card counting is only a way to help understand the game, not the goal in itself. 

Apply your knowledge of the Red Seven System to blackjack at Solarbet Live Casino Singapore to change the odds in your favor and fully enjoy the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Red Seven system effective? 

The effectiveness of this strategy is still under debate. Yes, it can provide some advantages, especially for beginners, but simplicity comes at a cost and does not feature all card values, which leads to inaccurate predictions. 

Is the Red Seven system legal in casinos?

Card counting, including the Red Seven system, is not illegal. However, as usual, players who are seen using the counting systems may be restricted, yet because the Red Seven system is ultimately simple and fairly good compared to other counting methods, you are less likely to be caught and restricted.

What are some alternatives to the Red Seven system?

Some alternatives to the Red Seven are Hi-Lo and Basic Strategy Counting if you are interested in card counting. These are more complete systems that help to track all high and low cards and offer a more accurate advantage over the casino. Note that card counting requires focus and practice. The effect of the play is directly related to the proper implementation of the system.

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