Top 10 Essential Android Apps in the Arab Market

The internet penetration in the Middle East is growing fast, accompanied by a rooting of mobile apps for Android devices. This high-tech trend is generating significant growth opportunities for the mobile industry in the region.

Also, the number of mobile owners in the Middle East doubled between 2014 and 2019, while the mobile penetration rate was near 90% in 2020. In general, the internet availability, accessibility, and the growing number of available mobile apps take the industry to higher levels.

Find Out The Top Must-Have Apps In The Middle East!

The wild jungle of Android apps looks even scary due to the impressive number of existing apps. However, we tried to compile a list of the top ten must-have apps in the Middle East. These apps generate massive profits in several sectors, including banking, finance, and online gaming. In particular, casino gaming apps have emerged as a leading sector in the realm of Android apps. Due to strict anti-gambling laws, thousands of Arab players address their attention to digital casinos on the internet. Arabs can enjoy the safest and most advanced casino gambling by VPN from the comfort of their homes. Take note of the following must-have Android apps in the region!Arabicbet app

This is an essential app for everyone who aims to try the pure thrills of a casino experience. Arabicbet is a casino directory providing 360-degree information about every aspect of online gambling, including a list of the world’s top-trusted casino platforms.

2. Security VPN
It’s a lightning-fast app that provides free VPN service. It doesn’t need any configuration. Accessibility to the internet anonymously is through a single-click button. With this app, users can navigate safely and visit any site.

3. Entertainer
With this two-for-one app, users can enjoy dining deals, fitness, and other free-time activities in theme parks. Entertainer offers the opportunity to send unused offers to other users. It costs Dh525 yearly for the basic package.

4. myFawry
It’s a leading e-payment platform in the MENA region. The company is based in Egypt. myFawry helps users process payments and transfers through a single platform. Also, users can buy utility bills, credit bills, and tickets online.

5. Al Mulla Exchange App
It’s a top money-sending app in Kuwait. Al Mulla Exchange App helps users remit through selected beneficiaries and see all currency exchange rates to pick the best one and send money through it.

6. Jomlah
This is an online shopping app and the largest discount e-shopping site. It allows users to access high-quality products from many merchants in Saudi Arabia. Jomlah is available for Android and other device systems, too.

7. valU
This app is one of the first models in the buy-now-pay-later industry. The company is based in Egypt. valU helps users buy a wide range of products from stores in El Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, and other cities in Egypt. The available stores include IKEA, Azadea, MAF, and Souq.

8. Helpling
This app helps users book a cleaner in Dubai in only 60 seconds. The app offers a cleaning service for Dh 35 per hour and the opportunity to book extra services such as ironing or cleaning the stove or refrigerator.

9. Careem
This app allows users to book Hala taxis for affordable rates, sleek cars, or even bikes. Users can also book a driver for home delivery or to any other address.

10. Talabat
This app delivers food to the user’s home or office. The user can choose and arrange meals from many foods from 200 restaurants in Saudi Arabia, including international restaurants. Simultaneous food arrangement is also possible.

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