Most Football Goals in the World

Football is incredibly a timeless sport. As such, the sport remains the world’s most popular one even in the sports betting scene. It is fascinating to learn its history and how it all started. The fact is, there are lots of other interesting things about the sport itself that keeps many people invested.

For instance, the sheer number of goals that professional football players were able to rack up. This article is all about the all-time best in online football goals. Let’s begin.\

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Uwe Seeler with 575 goals

Uwe Seeler is one of the finest footballers with a record-breaking stunt of 575 goals in his career. He was a forward from Hamburg, Germany and he’s most known for his remarkable scissors-kicks. This makes him one of the most iconic footballers in the country.

He has managed to get an overall score goal of 575 in his 649 appearances or a 0.89 goals-to-game ratio.

Ferenc Deak with 576 goals

This Hungarian footballer who played for several teams such as Budapesti Dozsa, Ferencvaros, and Szentlorinci AC managed to score a remarkable 576 goals in his entire football career. Ferenc Deak has an average of 3 goals a game during his career with Szentlorinci AC before joining Ferencvaros.

If he is to be seen in the sports betting Singapore scene, he’ll definitely be a clear favorite. He’s even regarded as one of the finest strikers in his country.

Eusebio with 623 goals

Eusebio is probably one of the most youthful football icons of his generation. He was known as O Rein in Portugal where he dominated Europe and its other neighboring countries. At the end of his career, he managed to earn a goal total of 623 in his 639 games.

Gerd Muller with 735 goals

Another footballer superstar from Germany, Gerd Muller was a power striker and an icon of the Bayern Munich club. He was also nicknamed the “Bomber der Nation” or the nation’s bomber for his powerful prowess and play. As proof of this, he managed to get a total of 735 goals in only 793 matches.

Lionel Messi with 746 goals

Today, it’s a rare find to meet a person who doesn’t know Lionel Messi. Checking the live football results almost always guarantees his name on the list. This is because he’s one of the many exceptional football talents in today’s football scene.

He made a huge splash even in his thirties, he manages to stay one of the best footballers out there.

Ferenc Puskas with 746 goals

Beating Deal with quite a significant margin, Puskas is yet another Hungarian that also becomes an iconic footballer that managed to bag a total goal score of 746 in his 754 games. He’s also known as “The Galloping Major”.

Pele with 767 goals

Pele is also another youthful footballer often regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. He is a three-time World Cup winner earning a staggering 767 goals total in his 831 football matches. If you do the math like what you do when doing sports betting in Singapore, he has a skill-rate of 0.92 goals on average per game.

Romario with 772 goals

Romario is one of the most iconic football players from Brazil who is also known for his brilliance in the penalty area and his goal scoring skill set. In his entire football career, Romario earned a remarkable 772 goals in his 994 games. Truly an impressive feat.

Christiano Ronaldo with 777 goals

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most surprising football superstars that still makes the headlines today. He’s also one of the main reasons why many people watch football online.

This Portuguese goal scoring machine has impressed a lot of football icons for his incredible plays earning 777 goals and still counting.

Josef Bican with 805 goals

The footballer with the most football goals in the world is none other than Josef Bican. Bican started his career with the Hertha Vienna II in 1923 and would later gain momentum with the Rapid Vienna in 1931. This Austrian football striker has racked up a staggering 805 goals in total.

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