Lottery Winner’s Curse: Here are 5 of Them and Their Tragic Stories – 4D Results

It was mentally and physically perilous for some people to win the lottery 4D results. Lottery, in general, can either be a fun or a serious endeavor, and over the course of seven years, about 70 percent of lottery winners find themselves broke.

Worse yet, a number of previous winners have perished in tragic circumstances or have seen the suffering of those who were dear to them. As psychological research, the “curse” of the lottery is a recognized occurrence to others and an unexplained one too.

Friends, relatives, and even first dates are all likely to ask you how you would spend your winnings if you were to strike it rich at the 4D Singapore lottery. They wish they hadn’t struck the jackpot in the first place for some of the persons featured in this blog post.

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Jeffrey Dampier

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Jeffrey Dampier’s victory of $20 million from the Illinois Lottery in 1996. He is said to have lavished his wealth on those closest to him, including a 7-day Caribbean cruise for 38 members of his family.

He didn’t seem to stop there: He also bought property and automobiles for his parents and brothers, but not everyone was appreciative of his generosity and kindness. She abducted and killed him by dumping his body in the back of his truck in 2005, her sister-in-law Victoria Jackson.

Billie Bob Harrell Jr.

Billie Bob felt he had it all after scoring $31 million in the Texas lottery. On top of his Home Depot job, Harrell had to rely on his wife and two teenagers to make ends meet. It was 1997, and he and his wife had just learned that they had hit the lottery big time.

Two years later, Harrell shot and murdered himself in his Kingwood, Texas, bedroom, unable to endure the stress of regularly lending money to friends and mourning the broken connections in his family.

Kenneth and Connie Parker

After 16 years of marriage bliss, Kenneth and Connie Parker’s marriage fell apart just months after they won $25 million.

A report states that Kenneth’s wife went chilly, booted him out of the apartment they had purchased, and informed him she was seizing all the money.  What appeared to be a successful marriage came to an unexpected end.

Jack Whittaker

As of the time of Jack Whittaker’s win, the popular multi-state lottery had the biggest single-ticket prize in American history at $315 million. Whittaker gave generously to churches and other non-profits after his victory, but the omens still followed him.

Whittaker’s car was broken into when he was at a strip club and $545,000 in cash was stolen. The second theft of $200,000 was thwarted and the money was eventually found.

These issues paled in comparison to what was about to transpire. He was found murdered in Whittaker’s house, allegedly from a heroin overdose, by his granddaughter’s boyfriend.

A few months later, Whittaker’s grandchild was found dead of a heroin overdose, as if that wasn’t bad enough. Jack’s daughter, the mother of his deceased granddaughter, was found dead five years after her father’s death.

Lottery winners aren’t the only ones at risk in these five scenarios. As a matter of fact, this isn’t the only instance when something similar has happened.

Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll thought he was set for life after scooping 9.7 million British Pounds or about $15 million at the lottery.

A year after he won the lottery, Sandra, his wife, reportedly mad at his “life of luxury”, left Michael and brought their baby daughter with her.  Carroll had spent all of his money on gambling, prostitutes, and drugs eight years later. He is still in the same financial straits he was in when he began.

Final thoughts

The large majority of the population who participate in the lotto have been doing so for a long time. Many of the winners have won at the 4D result drawings before, and since then, everything about winning has become an obsession.

When something is enjoyable for a lengthy period of time, it tends to be more rewarding to us. Most lottery players dream of winning a sum of money at the 4D results today, winning large enough to support them for the rest of their lives. These are only a few of the reasons the lottery “curse” is so hazardous.

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