How Do You Play 4D TOTO in Singapore?

We’ve been to Singapore Pools, and we’ve seen the long lines snaking all the way around the block just to win at every 4D result draw as much as we can.

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There are a lot of older people that know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to purchasing TOTO and 4Ds, but almost all of the millennials don’t. This article is written to give you everything there is to know about TOTO and 4D so that you can wager confidently in the future.

Placing your TOTO bets

Simply said, the object of TOTO is to predict the six winning lottery digits that will be drawn. Having more winning numbers means you’ll win more. There are a variety of ways to wager on TOTO:

Ordinary Entry

There are many types of entries, but the most common one is an Ordinary Entry. This is a good starting point for new players, as there are no additional tools to help you win more often at an SG TOTO result.

The first step in placing a $1 Ordinary Entry bet is to shade in the six numbers from 1 to 49 that you want to wager on. For the Sys 7–Sys Roll options, you must leave them unchecked.

Twice a week, TOTO draws take place. Play your wager on the next draw and the one after that by shading Draw 2. Your stake will be included in the next four draws after Draw 4. If you’re only interested in participating in the next round, simply leave these boxes blank.

System Entry

Other “Systems” are also available, which you can consider as advanced options if we go with the video game comparison.

Extra “power-ups” cost more, but statistically boost your chances of winning. In order to show that you’re playing one of these systems, color the left side of the TOTO slip of your pick in the system. Singapore 4D lotto also has this betting variation.

System Roll

You’ll select five of the six possible numbers to use in the System Roll. A Rolling Number is an additional feature that you’ll obtain here. In Scrabble, the blank tile symbolizes any of the other remaining 44 digits. Prices start at $44 because you’ll be placing 44 different wagers.

Placing your 4D bets

Players wager on a range between 0 and 9999 digits, and up to 23 digits will be chosen in each round of 4D. 4D Singapore bets can be divided into the following categories:

Ordinary Entry

The most typical method of wagering is to place $1 bets. Select a digit between 0000 and 9999 and color it in on the slip to wager.

Wed, Saturday, and Sunday are all available for 4D results draw dates. You can leave the “iBet” and SYS Entry boxes unchecked. Choose either a Big or a Small bet and place your wager. There is a greater chance of losing, but a greater chance of winning.

System Entry

What sets 4D apart from TOTO is that when you enter 5678, as well as, the draw comes up with 8765, it doesn’t count. To ensure that you’ve entered every conceivable combination of the numbers you’ve selected, select System Entry. According to the number of permutations, prices will fluctuate significantly


Because System Entry can be costly, you may want to use iBet instead if you want your $1 to cover as many possible outcomes as possible. The only difference between this and System Entry is that you only have to pay the regular $1. What could be considered a drawback? In the event that you’ve answered the correct answer, your prize money will be reduced as well.

4D Roll

If you’d prefer to play with just three numbers instead of all four, there’s a 4D Roll option that lets you mark R in place of the fourth number. Like TOTO’s System Roll, R can represent any digits ranging from 0 to 9. This will set you back ten times what you bet.

Closing thoughts

While playing the lottery for the sake of entertainment is acceptable, keep in mind that the odds of winning large on Singapore 4D or TOTO are extremely minimal to none.

The odds of winning the jackpot in TOTO are 1 in 14 million, which is far less likely than being injured or killed by a lightning strike, hit by a meteorite, or dying from a plane disaster. In other words, always use caution when wagering and be aware of your limits.

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