Football Betting 101: A 2023 Guide for Beginners

With more than 50% of all bets being placed on sports in Singapore, football remains the nation’s most prevalent sport for betting.

Because there are so many games happening all around the world, bettors can place bets on a variety of markets. Betting websites, like Solarbet, provide some excellent offers and competitive odds.

Many different types of bettors need to understand these marketplaces to ensure they have the knowledge needed to make wise judgments. This page serves as a comprehensive reference to football betting, arming readers with the information necessary to engage in it.

How Do Football Odds Work?

The link between your bet and the potential profits for a particular outcome is represented by the odds. These odds are set by the betting sites, and if you decide to wager on that specific result, you are going to utilize these odds to determine your possible payout.

Odds can be presented as decimals (4 is similar to 3/1 as a fractional value), but they are more frequently written as fractions (e.g., 3/1). The betting site you are using to place your bets gives you the freedom to select how the odds are displayed.

How To Place Football Bets?

Many professional football games are played every week all over the world, and bookies offer a wide choice of odds on almost every facet of these games.

These involve bets on the results of specific games and bets on particular game-related occurrences like the aggregate number of goals scored by a team, individual goals, and corners taken. 

Throughout the year, several bookmakers provide customers with ongoing promotions and odds that are competitive, frequently with raised odds for major football games.

When a game’s result is known and the bet you made is successful, you are given the original wager and any winnings decided by the odds.

The football market offers a variety of bet varieties, including accumulators that let you combine many picks into a single high-odds wager.

Also, bet builders are a relatively new and interesting feature that lets you make high-odds bets. You might, however, simply favor markets, like those for goaltenders or outcomes.

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Football Bets Types

Here are some of the popular football bets available on the market.

Match Betting 

Predicting whether a game will end in a home win, an away win, or an even outcome is the most basic type of football betting. It’s crucial to remember that this forecast pertains to the outcome following 90 minutes of standard play.

Bet Builder

These bets, also known as same-game multis, let you accumulate results from just one game rather than across several games, giving you an accumulator-like feeling.

As an illustration, bettors may place bets on the outcome of a match, the goal scorer, and the total number of goals, cards, shots, and corners, in just one bet. Most bookmakers enable you to choose from at least 10 options per bet inside any given bet builder.

Total Bets

It is a type of bet in which the bettor must choose the total number of goals made in a game, frequently referred to as the over/under.

It is a type of bet in which the bettor must choose the total number of goals made in a game, frequently referred to as the over/under. The punter’s task is to forecast if there are going to be more or fewer goals compared to the specified line. The bookie sets the line for the goal. 

It should be emphasized that we will make a guess as to how many goals will be scored overall in this bet. This implies that we can still win our bet regardless of whether one of the teams doesn’t score at all.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

A bet type in which you predict whether both teams will score goals throughout the game. It should be emphasized that the wager would be considered lost if just one team scored, no matter how many goals were scored.

There are games where there is an extremely good chance of both teams scoring. Certain squads score numerous goals, but they also give up many.

Double Chance 

A bet in which the player selects one of three outcomes: either the home team wins or draws, either the away team wins or draws, or the game is won by any of the teams. We win the bet if one of the two outcomes that we have selected happens.

Handicap Bets

A type of bet that occurs when the bookmaker favors the purportedly weaker side or disadvantages the favorite This is accomplished in football by adding or subtracting goals from a certain team to balance the odds of victory for both teams.

Corner Bets 

A contingent bet on how many corners a game will have. The bookmaker provides a line, and the gambler must decide whether there are going to be more or fewer corners than the stated line. This is comparable to over/under-betting.

Correct Score

The particular result of the game must be predicted in this bet, as the title would imply. Only the most seasoned gamblers with steely nerves or people who place bets almost exclusively based on luck are advised to place this kind of bet.

One of the toughest bets to win is this one. The chances of such bets are very high because of their low likelihood and multiple factors.

Draw No Bet (DNB)

With the sole exception of recognizing that in the event of a draw, we will receive the empty spot of all of our stake rather than winning (1X or 2X) or missing (1 or 2) the bet being placed, this type of bet is quite comparable to the Double Chance bet.

Since they reduce the likelihood of a lost bet and offer odds that are more favorable than those for double-chance bets, DNB bets are very common.

Goal Scorer

A conditional bet requires the bettor to select the winner of a game or competition. Both wagers on a player scoring a goal in a certain match and outright wagers on the competition’s leading goal scorers are available.


One of the most common types of football betting is the accumulator, which combines numerous selections (also known as “legs”) into a single bet. This is because they have the potential to give large returns for small amounts of money. After all, the gains from every selection are contingent on the following one.

Getting Started in Football Betting: Helpful Reminders

Before venturing into football betting, it is important to understand the odds, how to place bets, and various types of football bets. A bettor must be fully equipped with betting information to make a wise decision.

Always remember that betting is not only designed to make profits but also a great source of entertainment. Maintain a positive mood consistently to reduce the risk of making poor judgments while betting.

If you’re interested in learning more about football betting and becoming an efficient bettor, be sure to check out our related content about sports betting strategies.


Ultimately, we taught you about football betting odds, how to place bets, and different types of bets. We hope that you will grasp this helpful information. The purpose of this article is to make you an informed bettor so you can make the best possible decisions with your money.

If you are new to betting, Solarbet is the best place for beginners to start their journey in the world of football betting.

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